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George Bouchard

George has many years of experience working with both hardware and software in the OEM and Commercial marketplace. George’s expertise is in the engineering of Network TAPs.

Recent Posts

The 101 Series: Quick Connect Tips for Out-of-Band Monitoring Appliances

Active in-line appliances are on the front-lines of your network, but out-of-band monitoring devices are just as important to your overall network visibility and security. Your out-of-band monitoring devices might include application performance monitoring, Wireshark, network analyzers, lawful intercept and deep packet inspection. In this post, we’ll discuss the keys to ensuring 100% network access for your out-of-band monitoring appliances that analyze your network traffic.
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Should You Be Worried About Bending A Fiber Cable?

on 9/28/16 8:33 AM By | George Bouchard | 0 Comments | Network TAPs Network Infrastructure
Fiber wires lose light no matter what. They have a db/km loss rate, this is subject matter we have covered in my other blog on Split Ratio & Budget Light Loss. But, did you know your bend radius could affect the db loss of a fiber cable?
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Network TAP Split Ratios & Loss Budget

Do you know what a Split Ratio is on a fiber network TAP? Well there was a time when I didn't, either. But I know what a seven-ten split is in bowling and I know what it means to “split hairs,” but I didn’t know what a “Split Ratio” was until I started to work on designing and installing a fiber link on our network. Read on to learn about split ratio and budget light loss.
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101 Series: SPAN Mode On A Network TAP – What Is The Point?

on 11/6/15 12:00 PM By | George Bouchard | 0 Comments | Network TAPs TAPs vs SPAN The 101 Series
Today I'm going to review another way that a network TAP can be used when trying to get access to network traffic. The SPAN mode is a unique mode for a TAP that takes the SPAN or mirrored output from a network switch or router into the A port and can replicate all the traffic it receives and send it out ports B, and/or C and/or D of the TAP. When would you use the SPAN port on a TAP?
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A Bypass Network TAP That Multitasks

on 2/28/14 9:30 AM By | George Bouchard | 0 Comments | Network TAPs Network Design
In our last paper, I hinted about a network TAP that could not only be connected to an In-Line Appliance without introducing a point of failure, but also be connected to one or two network analyzer tools or provide a High Availability (HA) scenario for the in-line appliance to provide protection to your critical link. Well, today we are going to introduce you to the integrated 8 port inline network TAP.
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Why TAPs Are The Clear Winner In Network Visibility

on 11/22/13 10:55 AM By | George Bouchard | 0 Comments | Network TAPs Network Management
We know that In-Line (“Active”) network tools have become an essential part of any network. These appliances protect your network from various vulnerabilities, give you network visibility, and grant you access to a slew of services: Intrusion Detection Systems Intrusion Prevention Systems Next-Generation Firewalls Bandwidth Management Content Filtering Data Leakage Prevention
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