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Vince Black

Vince is a System Engineer for Garland Technology in the Buffalo, New York office, providing solution designs and support for all levels of the sales cycle. Vince specializes in network design, working closely with access layer technologies.

Recent Posts

DIN Rails: Versatility from telecom towers to industrial networks.

on 1/15/19 8:00 AM By | Vince Black | 0 Comments | Industrial Ethernet Network TAPs
Picture this; it’s 4 in the morning, you’re still chewing the grounds from your second cup of instant coffee as you begin your ascent up a 150ft telecom tower. At the end of your 10-minute climb, you can start to get to work on some routine maintenance to keep the tower operational. You open the equipment enclosure, and what do you find?
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Secure your Surveillance System from a DDos Attack

on 11/27/18 8:00 AM By | Vince Black | 0 Comments |
IP surveillance is quickly becoming a commodity. As the price of high definition network cameras continues to fall, it’s easier to find room in your budget for a basic system. Physical security hardware sales are expected to increase 8.9% by 2025 according to Grand View Research, with the physical security segment market reaching $133.9 billion as of 2016.
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