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Looking Into ICMP Redirects

Posted by Tony Fortunato | 2/13/15 8:30 AM

I always get a kick working with a client onsite. It doesn’t matter if I am troubleshooting, installing or conducting a training session. Nothing beats real world experience – and real packets.

I love taking traces of what many people categorize as ‘simple’. Things like ping, traceroute are easily taken for granted. When I mean is that when you perform these commands and they work, people assume they work well.

I’m still surprised when I speak to people and they expect these tests to take a lot of time. Performing these quick concise tests gives you the ability to figure out what is in the trace file rather than capturing 400 MB, and sorting it out later.

The other advantage of performing these short tests is that you can complete them relatively quickly with very little effort and it can easily be applied across different applications. This builds confidence with your tools and skill sets, not to mention gaining a true understanding of how your equipment behaves in your environment.

In this example I explain how an ICMP redirect behaves and what I suggested to my client as possible solutions.



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Written by Tony Fortunato

Tony Fortunato is a Senior Network Performance Specialist with experience in design, implementation and troubleshooting networks since 1989. Tony will teach or troubleshoot on your live network as part of his customized onsite training service for your staff.