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How to Connect your Inline Application Monitoring Tools in 5 Steps

It goes without saying, but proper application monitoring is a critical component of sound network management. Let the following example show you:
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The 101 Series: Network Packet Brokers

Understanding and maintain control of your network is a constant, uphill battle. With the increase in network virtualization, BYOD, and growing number of security threats, network monitoring is more important than ever.  It’s well documented that the foundation of any good visibility fabric comes from using network Test Access Points (TAPs), but then where does all that TAP’d traffic go? The answer should be, to a Network Packet Broker.
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3 Places to TAP Your Network

Now that we’ve gone over reasons why you want to utilize network TAPs in your network, the next logical question to answer is, Where do you TAP your network?
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The 101 Series: Filtering TAPs

In our 101 network TAP series, we have explained the functionality of the various network TAPs that are available to gain access to the traffic that is typically found in a network. We have reviewed passive fiber TAPs, copper network TAPs, aggregation TAPs, SPAN/regeneration TAPs and the bypass TAP.   Now we have a new 1U or 2U Chassis System that supports our filtering TAPs – which for you, means an affordable 1G Packet Broker System that can do it all in one box.  Read on to see what filtering can do for your network…  
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Purpose Built Network Packet Brokers

 I’ve been talking with quite a few customers lately on data center management and monitoring projects. One recurring specification I keep hearing is to be able to accommodate a variety of network speeds, for example - customers want to be able to easily go from 1G to 10G, 10G to 40G. And while 100G is needed at the core, the ability to split a 100G port through a user interface provides additional flexibility at the edge. You want to be able to take a 100G port, and split it to get (4) 25G links. In addition, having the ability to change at will to and from 40G <-> 100G provides the flexibility to quickly adapt to your changing needs. As a manufacturer of network test access (TAP) products, we also provide to our customers purpose built network packet brokers. Why do I differentiate with the qualifier, ‘Purpose Built’? Because our offer of Network Packet Brokers fits a niche need in the industry, and that niche is when the need is under 200 links.
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[Demo] Protecting the Core with High Speed Load Balancing

I recently presented a demonstration for Palo Alto Network's Fuel User Group on the importance of implementing high speed (10G/40G/100G) load balance at the Core of the Network. Prior to beginning the demo, we surveyed the group and asked, "What speeds are you running at the core of your network today?" The majority of the group is running at 10G, which is what I hear from our customers as well. So while 40G and 100G are exciting to discuss, we are going to keep this demo for a 10G network circuit.  Watch and see how simple load balancing can be at the network core.
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