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Transform Live Wire Data in Hybrid Networks


On-Demand Webinar

When working in remote hybrid network environments, finding a way to reliably and cost-effectively capture all traffic and transform it into actionable insight can be challenging.

Watch this webinar to learn about and see a demo of how the Accedian Skylight uses traffic from Garland Technology’s visibility solutions to provide Network QoS and Application QoE visibility, as well as explore root causes of network and application performance degradations across your distributed, hybrid networks. 

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • How to see every bit, byte, and packet with network TAPs and cloud traffic mirroring
  • How to scale and stream packets directly to your network sensors from remote environments
  • Very quickly understand problem SQL queries on backend traffic that is causing slow end-user experience
  • Drastically decrease MTTR while increasing MTTI
  • How to adjust to changes in network traffic loads
  • How to deliver network QoS and application QoE visibility across your networks