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How to Build A Modern Observability Stack

Humio-Corelight Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

With today’s environment it’s increasingly important that IT teams have the right set of tools to allow for complete visibility into complex systems. As part of that toolset, incident responders rely heavily on network data as a foundational source of truth to resolve security alerts. 

This webinar will cover how you can  get insights on setting up a modern observability stack that allows for deep network traffic visibility, analysis, and real-time insights that can provide fast, precise answers to critical security questions as they arise.

We will explore

  • Maximize visibility of distributed environments with packet capture technology that ensures your network-based tools receive the correct data to efficiently filter and manipulate data packets.
  • Empower incident response teams with insights from network sensors that transform captured network traffic into comprehensive network logs, extracted files, and custom security data. 
  • Prevent infrastructure breakdowns, protect against attacks, and allow for lightning-fast response times with a live streaming, scalable log management platform that provides the visibility needed for immediate actions and data-driven responses.