How to Overcome TLS 1.3 Decryption Challenges in the Cloud



There’s been a seismic shift in decrypted cloud visibility and it has created a new, massive burden caused by three clashing tectonic forces, TLS 1.3, Cloud Application Architecture and Decoupling Keys from Decryption. These three forces complicate your ability to decrypt cloud traffic. But with symmetric key intercept architecture, you can restore out-of-band decryption. This white paper covers why you should, and how to do it.

This white paper dives deeper into the challenges of cloud decryption and further explains how to implement symmetric key intercept architecture, including:

  • Three Challenges of Decrypted Cloud Visibility
  • The Requirements for Decrypted Cloud Visibility
  • Merging JA3 and Decryption for Better Cloud Visibility
  • How Garland Prisms Restores Out-of-Band Cloud Decryption with Symmetric Key Intercept

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