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See Threats in Real Time with 100% Visibility

Network security becomes increasingly complex with each passing day, making it critical that busy security teams have full visibility and threat detection capabilities. These resource-constrained teams already support a wide range of security appliances like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and forensics to help guard enterprises from a growing threat landscape. That's why Garland Technology partnered with ProtectWise™, an industry leader in cloud-based automated network detection and response, to create an infrastructure solution that eliminates blind spots.
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Fresco desde el grifo. Filtrado de información, El Bartender de datos

on 3/27/18 8:00 AM By | Fabio Brito Gómez | 0 Comments | Network TAPs
English version Es un hecho, las herramientas de seguridad y monitoreo se expanden como hiedra dentro de los centros de datos en los clientes, de hecho, algunas veces hay decenas en algunas organizaciones y hasta a veces replicadas dependiendo del tamaño de la institución o empresa. Los ingenieros y administradores de la red y seguridad de la información luchan constantemente por acomodar los dispositivos de manera que sean eficientes y también para que no impacten negativamente el desempeño de la red.
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Network Visibility - The Rise of the Aggregation Layer

on 3/22/18 8:00 AM By | Greg Zemlin | 0 Comments | Network Design Network Visibility/Monitoring
Sole reliance on SPAN ports for network visibility and monitoring has been on the decline for years. IT teams realize the inherent limitations of SPAN ports and have shifted in favor of the traditional 3-tiered approach to network visibility.
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The State of Industrial Ethernet and Industrial Internet of Things in 2018

on 3/15/18 8:00 AM By | Patrick Nixdorf | 0 Comments | Industrial Ethernet
Lack of budget, unclear path to ROI, imperfect strategic vision, interoperability problems. These are just a few of the reasons why the shift to Industrial Ethernet has been slow. But while industrial leaders could make do without Industrial Ethernet in the past, it’s becoming increasingly essential.
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Design-IT Solutions: How to monitor your 100G network with incompatible tools

As networks continue to grow and threats become more pervasive, the need to react quickly to changes in the state of your network is higher than ever.  One way of making your control over your network more agile is through Software Defined Networking (SDN).
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Fiber Optical Networking

Greater Data Speeds but New Challenges to Consider As we begin seeing much higher bandwidth speeds for data communications using fiber optical connections and enter into the non-linear world of photonic communications, many things will change from understanding the basic physics of non-linear photonic communications to the increased need for better plant build-outs, an understanding of optical budgets (referencing signal to noise requirements), maintenance, and a much higher requirement for documentation and record keeping.
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