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How to Defend Against TRITON Industrial Malware

on 1/25/18 8:00 AM By | Patrick Nixdorf | 0 Comments | Hacks and Data Breaches Industrial Ethernet
For all the concerns over Industrial Ethernet and IIoT security in recent years, there aren’t many identified malware families poised to take down critical infrastructure. In fact, since the 2010 Stuxnet attack in Iran, there have only been a handful of unique malware kits in the industrial sector. However, security researchers recently uncovered the latest malware targeting critical infrastructure—TRITON.
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[Video] Network Connectivity: Industrial Ethernet

on 1/18/18 8:00 AM By | Patrick Nixdorf | 0 Comments | Industrial Ethernet
In our recent webinar with Palo Alto’s Fuel User Group on network connectivity, we went over two main topics, one on Cabling and Connectors, and the other on 100M Copper networks in Industrial Ethernet environments.
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DesignIT Solutions: Aggregation to One Tool

on 1/11/18 8:00 AM By | Jonathan Devoy | 0 Comments | Network Design
As one of the newer members of the Garland team, I was recently talking with our team about past projects and the solutions we offer. Being a technical person, I have been pouring through the Visio drawings our DesignIT team creates, as the simplest way to really understand how Garland’s TAPs and packet brokers work with the issues our customers are facing. After pulling up several different solutions, we figured that if I learned something from each Visio drawing, then you probably could too.  So now we’ll be writing a monthly blog series, sharing different solutions that were put together to solve our customer’s monitoring and security problems.
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[Announcement] Garland Technology is a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner

on 1/9/18 8:00 AM By | Chris Bihary | 0 Comments | Technology Partners
I am pleased to announce that Garland Technology is now a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner. This elevated status shows our committment to providing 100% data capture for Cisco's enterprise solutions - both for security and network monitoring. To support our partnership, check out Garland's upcoming CiscoLive show schedule and our 11 Cisco Compatable joint solution briefs.  
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Putting Network Monitoring Techniques in Place

on 1/4/18 8:00 AM By | Chris Bihary | 0 Comments | Network Visibility/Monitoring
With so many new trends in the networking world, network monitoring sometimes takes a back seat, even though it’s critical to long-term business success. Network monitoring encompasses the processes, tools, and software involved in overseeing network operations. Admins and IT leaders utilize a variety of monitoring tools to optimize their resources, while proactively identifying network bottlenecks and performing targeted troubleshooting.  
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2017 Best of Blog - TAP vs SPAN, IIoT Adopters, SDN and more

on 12/28/17 8:00 AM By | Garland Technology | 0 Comments | Network TAPs
Below are the top 5 posts from 2017 Thank you for being a part of the Garland community and we look forward to the exciting network news, products and information 2018 will bring.  
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