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Foundation of Visibility

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Visibility Fabric

Garland Technology’s TAP to ToolTM architecture provides best-in-class Network TAP and purpose-built Packet Broker solutions, an innovative, industry leading “foundation of visibility” for modern visibility fabrics.

• Physical Layer TAPs provide 100% visibility for out-of-band monitoring tools.

• Aggregation layer offers high performance filtering, aggregation and load balancing.

• Purpose-built Packet Brokers, allow you to add advanced features including de-duplication, packet slicing, and time stamping.

• Edge Bypass Security ensures network uptime for inline security and monitoring tools.

• Deploy industry leading Cloud Visibility, with 1:N traffic mirroring and TLS Decryption.

From Network TAP to Tools
Passive Fiber Breakout TAPs

Passive Fiber TAPs

Portable, Modular, HD

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Copper Breakout TAPs

Copper TAPs

Portable or Modular 1U/2U

Learn More

Filtering TAP

XtraTAPs All-In-1

Adv Filtering | Portable NPB

Learn More

Aggregation TAPs

Aggregator TAPs

2x1 and 4x1 Aggregation

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1x5 and 1x3 Regeneration

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Garland Prisms

Cloud Mirror | TLS 1.3

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Inline Edge Security

EdgeSafe / EdgeLens

Bypass TAPs and Inline NPBs

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Network packet Brokers

PacketMAX NPBs

Aggregators | Adv Features

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Specialized TAPs

Specialized TAPs

Industrial | Data Diodes

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Building a Network
Visibility Fabric

White paper

EMA covers the principles of Network Visibility Fabric design, a reliable Access Layer, Aggregation Layer, load balancing and more.

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Network TAPs 101
A Networking User Guide


The Networking User Guide covers the different Network TAP types and modes, active or passive considerations, managing connectivity and more.

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Add Value & Maximize ROI

White paper

See how to take traffic streams through aggregation and load balancing to reduce the number of ports needed on your core packet broker.

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Network visibility is not just a set phrase, it’s the foundation of network security. Garland Technology understands this need and develops high quality products to meet the requirements in today’s high-speed and complex networks.

-Timur Ozcan, Neox Networks