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7 reasons why you shouldn’t choose SPAN as a real visibility access device!

on 5/24/18 8:00 AM By | Tim O'Neill | 0 Comments | Network TAPs TAPs vs SPAN
Every day I come across network techs who continue to rely on SPAN ports for their network access method.  This blows my mind as its been proven time and again why you shouldn’t rely on SPAN ports. Let me share with you some of those reasons why:
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Design-IT Solutions: Remote Management for Inline Devices

on 5/22/18 8:00 AM By | Jonathan Devoy | 0 Comments | Network Security In Band Security Appliances DesignIT
Networks are becoming more and more distributed. We’re starting to see more customers deploying security tools at their remote locations, such as bank branches and retail outlets, or as managed services to clients.
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Cybersecurity Threat Breakdown - April 2018

on 5/17/18 8:00 AM By | Chris Lauzze | 0 Comments | Network Security Hacks and Data Breaches
Here’s your monthly roundup of the latest hacks and data breaches around the world. In this new monthly series, we’ll share information and updates on the most recent hacks that have made headlines, including causes, resolutions, and what you can do to protect your data.
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Key Tools and Tips for Successfully Identifying Security Breaches

on 5/10/18 8:00 AM By | Chris Bihary | 0 Comments | Network Security Hacks and Data Breaches
When a company is breached, every second counts in the race to mitigate damages.  But most aren’t prepared – today it takes most companies more than 200 days to even detect a breach in the first place. Data breaches have finally slowed down this year – but the numbers are still frightening.  2017 saw more than 1290 data breaches, compromising 174 million records. This year looks more promising with only 250 incidents that were reported through the end of March, which resulted in approximately 5.4 million compromised records.   While this is down from 2017 findings, it’s clear that there is a lot of room for improvement.
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The 101 Series: Network Packet Brokers

on 5/3/18 8:00 AM By | Greg Zemlin | 0 Comments | The 101 Series Network Packet Brokers
Understanding and maintain control of your network is a constant, uphill battle. With the increase in network virtualization, BYOD, and growing number of security threats, network monitoring is more important than ever.  It’s well documented that the foundation of any good visibility fabric comes from using network Test Access Points (TAPs), but then where does all that TAP’d traffic go? The answer should be, to a Network Packet Broker.
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Garland TAPs at Work for the SECCDC

"You have just been hired as the network and security administrators at a small company and will be taking administrative control of all information systems. You know very little about the network, what security level has been maintained, or what software has been installed. You have little time to familiarize yourself with the network and systems and to begin the security updates and patches before 'hackers' starts actively attacking your company. In the midst of all the commotion, you have to keep up with the needs of the business and user demands while maintaining service level agreements for all critical Internet services. Welcome to the Southeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (SECCDC).
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