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Understanding the Visibility Limitations of SPAN Ports

on 4/19/18 8:00 AM By | Tim O'Neill | 0 Comments | Network TAPs TAPs vs SPAN
Visibility is key for today’s Network Engineers and Managers. Visibility is a MUST when thinking about network security and compliance requirements and soon GDPR. I want to focus on the need for real visibility that only TAPs provide versus the totally misunderstood marketing ploy of SPAN!
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Design-IT Solutions: How to TAP a Wireless Access Point

on 4/17/18 8:00 AM By | Jonathan Devoy | 0 Comments | Network TAPs Network Design DesignIT
The addition of wireless connections or “Wi-Fi” to networks has provided a cost-effective way to allow endpoints to communicate with both back-end resources and each other. Traditionally, copper cabling would need to be run throughout a building and an RJ45 ethernet port would need to be available at any location where there could potentially be a computer. On the backend, this causes a significant increase in networking equipment: patch panels to support each run and switch ports to support each network link. With wireless, an access point (AP) can be placed in an open location and provide connectivity to multiple endpoints while only utilizing a single port on a switch.
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The Legacy Effect on Industrial Networks

on 4/12/18 8:00 AM By | Patrick Nixdorf | 0 Comments | Network TAPs Network Design Industrial Ethernet
If you read enough articles about the evolution of industrial networks, you might think the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is set to take over the world. And while it’s important to plan ahead for the significant changes that IIoT will require, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
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3 Places to TAP Your Network

on 4/5/18 8:00 AM By | Harry Berridge | 0 Comments | Network TAPs Network Design Network Packet Brokers
Now that we’ve gone over reasons why you want to utilize network TAPs in your network, the next logical question to answer is, Where do you TAP your network?
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See Threats in Real Time with 100% Visibility

Network security becomes increasingly complex with each passing day, making it critical that busy security teams have full visibility and threat detection capabilities. These resource-constrained teams already support a wide range of security appliances like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and forensics to help guard enterprises from a growing threat landscape. That's why Garland Technology partnered with ProtectWise™, an industry leader in cloud-based automated network detection and response, to create an infrastructure solution that eliminates blind spots.
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Fresco desde el grifo. Filtrado de información, El Bartender de datos

on 3/27/18 8:00 AM By | Fabio Brito Gómez | 0 Comments | Network TAPs
English version Es un hecho, las herramientas de seguridad y monitoreo se expanden como hiedra dentro de los centros de datos en los clientes, de hecho, algunas veces hay decenas en algunas organizaciones y hasta a veces replicadas dependiendo del tamaño de la institución o empresa. Los ingenieros y administradores de la red y seguridad de la información luchan constantemente por acomodar los dispositivos de manera que sean eficientes y también para que no impacten negativamente el desempeño de la red.
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