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Historical Lookback - The Proof is in the Packet

Posted by Chris Bihary on 6/22/17 8:00 AM

"It's the Unicorn we've been looking for!"

This was the response I got the other day when I was explaining to a customer the benefits of looking back at packets before and after they pass through an active, inline device and a packet capture or forensics tool.

Simply put, how else will enterprise networks have real-time knowledge of an attempted attack, as well as the ability to look back and see how the packets were altered or dropped?

Historical lookback aka before & after, is solution that uses hybrid bypass TAPs with monitoring ports that allow both security tools, such as next-gen firewalls and intrusion prevention systems to share packets with multiple monitoring tools such as network packet capture, forensics, deep packet inspection, etc.

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Packet Challenge at Sharkfest - A Great Way to Test Your Skills!

Posted by Chris Greer on 6/20/17 8:00 AM

This year at Sharkfest, Garland Technology is sponsoring the group packet challenge (Thank you!).

As packet-heads, we all enjoy digging through trace files and finding the hidden gems that lead to resolving a problem. If most of our capturing experience is from a single network or enterprise, it can be hard to grow in new areas and pick up new tricks in packet analysis. Sharkfest is an excellent way to hone our skills and bring our art of analysis to a new level.

The group packet challenge at Sharkfest is designed to bring together Wireshark users from all skill levels in a timed team event. Participants are given several trace files and a question sheet, then as a team they race to find the answers. Typically, the packet challenge will require them to use areas of Wireshark that they may not be as familiar with, which can teach them new things about the analyzer in a fun setting. 
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MTP® Brand Connectors versus Generic MPO in Fiber Networks

Posted by Patrick Nixdorf on 6/15/17 8:00 AM

Generic MPO connectors have been the standard for network architects who require density and strive for shorter install times, as well as simplified cabling infrastructure for their 40G/100G data centers. Multi-mode MPO connectors can pack 12, 24, or 72 fibers into one ferrule, this increased density has bolstered its appeal, especially in the space-restricted data center market.

However, in higher fiber count MPO connectors, an additional loss penalty has come to be expected due to the difficulty in achieving physical contact across all of the fibers.

Learn how US Conec's MTP® brand connectors boast the lowest dB loss... 

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Are my Packets Lying? - 4 Things to Look for in Packet Traces

Posted by Chris Greer on 6/13/17 8:00 AM

Packets don’t lie – well, most of the time.

They tell the truth unless they have been captured incorrectly. In those cases, packets can tell bold-faced lies.

When digging through trace files, we can come upon symptoms in the packets that may raise an eyebrow. These are events that look strange on the surface and may even divert our troubleshooting focus for a time. In fact, some of these issues have misdirected engineers for hours, if not days, causing them to chase down issues and events that simply did not exist on the wire.

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Born in the USA: The Story of Garland Network TAPs

Posted by Jerry Dillard on 6/8/17 8:00 AM

Since I began my career as a network engineer in the mid ‘90s, I have always considered network uptime and security to be the ultimate metrics against which all innovations in the communications industry should be measured.  

In fact, these two principles were the guiding force behind my seminal work designing a network TAP and the reason that Garland Technology today is a successful American enterprise with solutions deployed worldwide.

In a previous blog, we explained what makes Garland TAPs different from the competitors.

In this post, I'll explain why Garland takes extra steps to ensure a quality made and tested network TAP, and the importance of US manufacturing.

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When Did Phishing Become a Social Problem?

Posted by Chris Bihary on 6/6/17 8:00 AM

In the world of technology, social media is starting to become king. Just think about this for a minute, 15 years ago, there was no Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

Now, it seems every American is on one or all of these devices. Social media has become such a fabric in our culture that there isn’t a time when you don’t see someone walking with their head down looking at their phones.

Learn how social engineering is the new gold mine.

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