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[Infographic] What Security Tools are you Deploying in your Network?

Posted by Chris Bihary on 4/18/17 8:00 AM

What tools are you deploying in your network? Are you securing your network with tools such as DDoS, NGFWs, Secure Sockets Layer or Data Loss Prevention?

There’s a TAP for that.


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[Demo] How to Deploy Your Palo Alto NGFW in Vwire Mode

Posted by Mike Heiberger on 1/12/17 8:00 AM

Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewall has a flexible deployment, meaning different methods of deployment will work. Our partner, Cloud Harmonics recently authored a blog for us on this topic.

In this demonstration video we dig a little deeper and show you how to deploy your NGFW in Vwire mode, which allows it to be active, in-line, while still invisible to the network. 

Watch now...

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Is There A Difference? Bypass Switch vs. Bypass TAP

Posted by Randy Clark on 9/7/16 8:00 AM

I love talking with people and listening to what they say and how they say it. The IT world loves acronyms, tech terms and jargon, but what surprises me is that manufacturer’s, resellers, technology partners and end users all define terms a little differently.

For example, let’s dig into the difference between a Bypass Switch - and a Bypass TAP.

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Director of National Intelligence Cautions Presidential Candidates on Cyber Attacks

Posted by Tim O'Neill on 7/18/16 8:30 AM

As if presidential candidates didn’t have enough on their plates defending themselves against their opponent’s attack ads, James Clapper has warned that they should expect to deal with cyberattacks. 

The Director recently went on record saying that intelligence agencies “have already seen an indication” of threats and “as the campaigns intensify, we will probably have more of them.”

These predicted cyberattacks for the 2016 president election are now a network security fact. Besides the recent attacks of the DNC and Anonymous doxing attack on Donald Trump, who and what motives are behind this recent announcement?

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Four Roadblocks to Deploying a Full Stack of In-Line Security Appliances

Posted by Chris Bihary on 7/12/16 8:00 AM

It's hard to remember that the commercial firewall, as we know it today, has only been around since 1994. This was the first firewall that could monitor every layer of the OSI stack—a formidable obstacle to hackers.

With more and more network traffic moving towards the edge, as with cloud-based services and ever-expanding in-house app platforms, administrators must be prepared to introduce additional in-line devices to their security operations centers. Today, networks are shouldering far more traffic than the application firewall was first thought up.

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What’s Your Palo Alto NGFW Deployment Plan?

Posted by Chris Kisselburgh on 6/21/16 8:00 AM

by Chris Kisselburgh, Cloud Harmonics

The state of the firewall is strong, and the state of next-generation security appliances including firewalls and intrusion prevention systems is growing stronger. At Palo Alto’s recent Ignite Conference one of the main messages was Protect Everywhere - including your internal network, which is no longer safe.

Whether you are replacing a legacy firewall or adding an additional NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) for internal security, a detailed deployment plan is required.

Let me explain the benefits of Vwire (in-line) deployment and why Cloud Harmonics, the fastest growing distributor in the US has partnered with Garland Technology to educate, engage and enable the industry on this best practice.

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