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Garland Installation Guides

Straightforward Setup - If done right, optimal network design and infrastructure make managing your system simple. Installing a network TAP should be simple too. Garland Technology’s network TAPs and network packet broker installation and setup are straightforward using our detailed installation guides. 

Have questions or need help finding the correct installation guide? Contact our support team to assist you. 


Passive Fiber Network TAPs

Modular Chassis Installation Guide
Modular Chassis [Video] Installation Guide
Portable and 1U Installation Guide

OS2501M, OS2701M, OM1501M, OM1701M, OM4501M, OM4701M, OM4501-40SR4BiDiM, OM4701-40SR4BiDiM, OM4501-40GSR4BM, OM4701-40GSR4BM, OM4501-100GSR4BM, OM4701-100GSR4BM, OM4501-100GSR10AM, OM4701-100GSR10AM

Installation Guide
OS1501, OS1701, OS2501, OS2701, OS1502, OS1702, OS2502, OS2702, OS1503, OS1703, OS2503, OS2703, OS1504, OS1704, OS2504, OS2704, OS15028, OS17028, OS25028, OS27028, OS15056, OS17056, OS25056, OS27056, OM1501, OM1701, OM3501, OM4501, OM4701, OM1502, OM1702, OM3502, OM4502, OM4702, OM1503, OM1703, OM3503, OM4503, OM4703, OM1504, OM1704, OM3504, OM4504, OM4704, OM15028,
OM17028, OM35028, OM45028, OM47028, OM15056, OM17056, OM35056, OM45056, OM47056, OM4501-40GSR4B, OM4701-40GSR4B, OM4502-40GSR4B, OM4702-40GSR4B, OM4503-40GSR4B, OM4703-40GSR4B, OM4501-100GSR4B, OM4701-100GSR4B, OM4502-100GSR4B, OM4702-100GSR4B, OM4503-100GSR4B, OM4703-100GSR4B, OM4501-100GSR10A, OM4701-100GSR10A, OM4502-100GSR10A, OM4702-100GSR10A, OM4503-100GSR10A, OM4703-100GSR10A, OM4501-40GSR4BiDi, OM4502-40GSR4BiDi, OM4503-40GSR4BiDi, OM45021-40GSR4BiDi, OM4701-40GSR4BiDi, OM4702-40GSR4BiDi, OM4703-40GSR4BiDi, OM47021-40GSR4BiDi


Copper Network TAPs

P1GCCB - Installation Guide
P1GCCAS - Installation Guide
P1GCCBP, P1GCCBPPOE+ - Installation Guide
INT1G10CSA - Installation Guide


Aggregator Network TAPs

P100CCA - Installation Guide
P1GCCAS, P1GCSAS - Installation Guide
P1GCCBP, P1GCSBP, P1GCCBPPOE+, P1GCSBPPOE+  - Installation Guide
P1GMCA, P1GMSA, P1GSCA, P1GSSA - Installation Guide

Installation Guide

INT1G10CSA - Installation Guide
M10G1ACv2, M10G1DCv2, M10GMSBPv2, M10GSSBPv2, M10GESBPv2 - Installation Guide

P1GCUSB/P1GCUSB-mini - USB TAP Drivers

P1GCUSB_mini - Installation Guide

P1GCUSB - Installation Guide


XtraTAPs [Filtering Network TAPs]


Installation Guide


Inline Edge Security [Bypass Network TAPs]

Switch Configuration and Settings for P1GCCBP and M1GCCBP

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

INT1G8CCBP, INT1G8SCBP, INT1G8MCBP - Installation Guide

M10G1ACv2, M10G1DCv2, M10GMSBPv2, M10GSSBPv2, M10GESBPv2 - Installation Guide

INT10G2SRBP10SFP+, INT10G2LRBP10SFP+, INT10G8SRBP16SFP+, INT10G8LRBP16SFP+  - Installation Guide



Network Packet Brokers

Advanced Aggregators
Advanced Features


PacketSTAX Hybrid
Installation Guide



Tech Partner Integration Guides

- Extrahop Bundle Start-Up Guide


For more info, or other guides not listed, please contact support.

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