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Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) 

A network TAP is the connection that brings your network solutions to life. Unite your system components for optimized performance, security and visibility.
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Discover EdgeLens® and FAB, Garland's Network Packet Brokers (NPBs)

100% Visibility in Real Time, All the Time

Meet the new EdgeLens® - a hybrid bypass TAP with a built-in packet broker allows you to deploy in-band security tools and out-of-band monitoring applications for 100% network visibility.

Designed with a 1U box, you can TAP a 1G or 10G link and deliver data to 1G and 10G tools. Features include high availability failover capabilities, up to 16+ SFP ports for extensive packet filtering, distribution, aggregation and mirroring, up to 4 segments of bypass/failover function, passive bypass, active switching of traffic, and session-aware load balancing.
EdgeLens Specs


The Ultimate in Flexible Network Monitoring

Meet the FAB, Garland Technology's filtering, aggregating, and load balancing system. Use the FAB for security monitoring and management of your out-of-band network appliances.

Designed with a 1U box, you can aggregate network traffic with a single tool, load balance at high speeds (1G,10G, 40G) and connect network tools to multiple segments of your network. Garland's FAB is a full feature, all in one device and has no hidden licensing fees.  

FAB Specs

Connect & Manage In-Band Appliances 

Next-Generation Firewalls 
Data Leakage Prevention 
Intrusion Prevention Systems 
Web Application Firewalls 
Distributed Denial of Service Appliances

Garland Technology TAPs!

Connect & Manage Out-of-Band Appliances

 WIRESHARK ANALYZER Intrusion Detection System
Application Performance Monitoring
Lawful Interception
Intrustion Detection Systems
Packet Capture
Data Forensics 

What Your Networks Missing The Network TAP And 7 Ways To Leverage It
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