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XtraTAP: All-In-1 Modular

1G | 1U/2U | Filtering, Breakout, Aggregation and Regeneration  | Remote Management
  • M1G1ACE 1U Chassis
  • M1G1ACE 1U Chassis
  • M1G1ACE 1U Chassis
  • M1G1ACE 2U Chassis
  • M1G1ACE 2U Chassis

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Port-to-Port Aggregator with Port Mapping Filtering

Network test access points (TAPs) are hardware tools that allow you to access and monitor your network. The modular packet broker chassis system features a flexible and scalable design to meet your network needs today and tomorrow.

Filtering network TAPs allow you to filter out the traffic that is not needed by the tool to perform its function. The port-to-port aggregation feature in the 1G Modular Chassis combines both filtering and aggregation functionality, ensuring the links are aggregated together. Filtering ensures that monitoring ports do not become oversubscribed with un-requested data.

Design your own chassis with modular TAPs that support tap 'breakout,' aggregation, filtering, regeneration/SPAN and bypass modes. This modular system allows you to fully deploy and manage your monitoring and security appliances and guarantee 100% network uptime letting you see every bit, byte and packet.®

  • Scalable Modular TAPs System:
    • 2U holds up to 12 TAPs - backplane filtering within TAP row.
    • 1U holds up to 4 TAPs - backplane filtering between TAPs and port.
  • Management and Non-Management Options:
    • Management Card: Ethernet with GUI - and - Serial with CLI controller.
    • Non-management chassis available; (management card can be added at later date).
  •  Port Mapping: filter allows granular selection of network traffic at layers 2, 3, and 4 of packet to provide monitoring tools only to the traffic they protect.
  • Multi-Tier Filtering Supports: MAC, VLAN, IP, DSCP, TCP, UDP.
  • Network Failsafe recognizes power outages and automatically closes the relay circuitry in less than 8 milliseconds then reconnects the two network devices connected to Ports A & B.
  •  Media Conversion: Fiber (SX, LX, ZX) to copper (TX) - or copper (TX) to fiber (SX, LX, ZX). Short range fiber (SX) to long range fiber (LX or ZX).
  • TAP modules are hot swappable, fully configurable and interchangeable.
  • Accommodates GT legacy modular TAPs.
  • Dual internal AC or DC power supplies.
  • Supports jumbo frames and passes physical errors.
  • Packet slicing and packet injection (aggregate mode for copper network port TAPs).
  • 100% secure and invisible; no IP address, no MAC address; cannot be hacked.
Chassis Options
Model No. Chassis/TAPs* Power Supplies Dimensions (WxHxD)
M1G1ACE 1U; up to 4 TAPs Dual Internal AC 17.40” x 1.75” x 13.45” 
(441.96mm x 44.45mm x 341.63mm)
M1G1DCE 1U; up to 4 TAPs Dual Internal DC
M1G2ACE 2U; up to 12 TAPs Dual Internal AC 17.40” x 3.47” x 13.45” 
(441.96mm x 88.14mm x 341.63mm)
M1G2DCE 2U; up to 12 TAPs Dual Internal DC
M1GC* Management card: Ethernet/GUI - and- Serial/CLI for M1GxxE
*Blanking plates are used if managment card is not required or if not all TAP modules are populated. Management card and additional GT TAP modules can be added to chassis.

XtraTAP Options
Model No.  Network Speed  Media Modes Link Speed Synchronization 
Network Monitor  Breakout Aggregation Regeneration
Filtering Bypass
M1GCCF 10/100/1000M 2 Copper-RJ45 2 Copper-RJ45 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
M1GCSF 10/100/1000M 2 Copper-RJ45 2 SFP Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
M1GMCF 1G 2 SX Multi-mode,
passive LC-Fiber
2 Copper-RJ45 Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
M1GMSF 1G 2 SX Multi-mode,
passive LC-Fiber
2 SFP Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
M1GSCF 1G 2 LX Single-mode,
passive LC-Fiber
2 Copper-RJ45 Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
M1GSSF 1G 2 LX Single-mode,
passive LC-Fiber
2 SFP Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

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