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Garland Technology Starts with 100% Visibility

Garland Technology is committed to helping network teams increase the value of their networks and data centers by offering the industry’s most reliable and economical test access solutions and packet broker options.

Garland Technology ensures complete network visibility by delivering a full platform of network access products to include: Passive Fiber TAPs, Copper TAPs, Aggregator and Regeneration TAPs, Filtering TAPs, Bypass TAP, as well, Network Packet Broker devices.

Our Commitment to Quality

Garland Technology’s focus will remain centered around reliability while delivering the greatest economical solutions for today’s network teams and the most complex and extensive data center environments worldwide.

See every Bit, Byte and Packet.

The Garland Difference

We Were The First

Designing the industry’s first bypass test access point (TAP) is just one of the many benchmarks for success, and since 2011, Garland Technology has accelerated research, development, service, and commitment to product evolution to become the leader for the industry’s most reliable TAP solutions.

  • 100% network test access points (TAP) focused company
  • Made, supported, and serviced in the USA (Texas & New York)
  • All TAPs are tested with live network data and validated
  • Industry’s most reliable TAP - zero failures
  • Highest Density in the Industry
  • Supports the entire wire: from 10/100M copper and 1G/10G/40G/100G fiber
  • Personal, hands on customer support
  • Custom solutions

Garland Executives

Jerry Dillard


For over 20 years, Jerry has dedicated his career to designing and engineering solutions to ensure network uptime while maintaining a secure network environment. Many of his proprietary designs, including the invention of the bypass network TAP, have been deployed in enterprise solutions worldwide.

With a background in Electrical Engineering, Jerry began his career designing military grade solutions for several defense companies including General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin.

Prior to founding Garland Technology, Jerry was a sole proprietor manufacturing network TAPs.

As CTO/Co-Founder of Garland Technology, Jerry is responsible for research and design, test and validation, engineering, technical support, logistics and fulfillment.

Chris Bihary


Chris has been in the network connectivity industry for over 20 years. His experience and technical knowledge of network access and visibility challenges drives the success of Garland Technology, and is the foundation for its loyal and growing customer base.

Chris has dedicated his career to leadership positions in network access. Throughout his career Chris has established collaborative partnerships with technology companies to compliment their product's performance through the integration of network test access points (TAPs).

Prior to founding Garland Technology, Chris was Managing Partner at Network Critical. 

As CEO/Co-Founder of Garland Technology, Chris is responsible for customer satisfaction, sales, marketing and finance operations.

The Garland Team

Erica Tank


Frank Rubio

Senior Director of Business Development

Harry Berridge

Director of Federal Operations

Timothy Schmidt

Regional Sales Manager
Mid Atlantic

Steve Harris

Regional Sales Manager Northeast

Michael Postles

Territory Sales Manager
N. Central & Canada

Steve Hester

Regional Sales Manager Southeast

Jeff Warner

Regional Sales
Manager Southwest

Juan Garza

Regional Sales Manager West

Mike Johnson

Regional Sales Manager TOLA

Andy Matimore

Regional Sales Manager Midwest

Greg Zemlin

Product Manager

Jonathan Devoy

Systems Engineer

Sharjeel Alvi

Regional Director EMEA

Vince Black

Systems Engineer

Mark Lennon

Director of Marketing

Katelyn Gillet

Marketing Project Manager

Alexis Scriven

Social Media & Event Coordinator

Pam Makofski

Director of Finance

Kate Foster

Sales Administrator

Aileen Cescon

Accounting Assistant

Mike Heiberger

Hardware Engineer

Noe Garza

Software Engineer

Danielle Stockman

Business Development Representative

Joseph Vucic

Business Development Representative

Katelyn Hemingway

Business Development Associate

Bill Tooke

Business Development Representative