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Visibility Solutions

Garland Technology is committed to educating the benefits of having a strong foundation of network visibility and access. By providing this insight we protect the security of data across your network and beyond.


Garland Technology's resource library offers free use of white papers, eBooks, use cases, infographics, data sheets, video demos and more.


The TAP into Technology blog provides the latest news and insights on network access and visibility, including: network security, network monitoring and appliance connectivity and guest blogs from Industry experts and technology partners


Our extensive technology partnership ecosystem solves critical problems when it comes to network security, monitoring, application analysis, forensics and packet inspection.


Garland Technology is dedicated to high standards in quality and reliability, while delivering the greatest economical solutions for enterprise, service providers, and government agencies worldwide.


Whether you are ready to make a network TAP your foundation of visibility or just have questions, please contact us. Ask us about the Garland Difference!

Solely Focused on Network TAP, Inline Bypass and Packet Broker Solutions

Network Visibility Leader

Why Garland Technology?

We believe that securing and monitoring your network is the ultimate goal. Our TAP to ToolTM philosophy empowers the solution by architecting to the tool, not competing with them. Garland Technology provides the scalability and flexibility to deploy what you need, when you need it, so you can focus on what's important - performance and cybersecurity.

Garland Technology is committed to helping increase the value of your network by offering the industry's most reliable, economical, easy to deploy, and scalable network TAP, packet broker, and cloud visibility solutions.

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Making History

Designing the industry’s first bypass test access point (TAP) is just one of the many benchmarks for success, and since our founding in 2011, Garland Technology has accelerated research and development, alongside a commitment to product evolution and quality, to become the leader for the industry’s most reliable test access point (TAP) and packet broker solutions. Laser focused on network visibility innovation, below are some highlights of Garland's history. For more Garland updates, see Garland News.

April 8, 2000
08:00 AM

Breaking New Ground

Jerry Dillard, Garand Technology’s CTO develops the first Bypass technology for an early intrusion protection system (IPS), revolutionizing the way inline security tools are managed today. Because network downtime wasn’t and still isn’t an option.

March 6, 2005
09:00 AM

TAP Visibility

Jerry develops his 10/100/1000M ‘Breakout TAP,’ providing 2 monitoring ports with each side of traffic, which would go on to be the backbone of Garland's network TAP portfolio.

June 15, 2005
10:00 AM

Bypassing the Competition

Utilizing his bypass technology, Jerry develops his first 4 port Bypass TAP, which would shape Garland's path of bypass innovation over the next decade.

June 8, 2011
11:00 AM

Garland Technology Founded

Industry veterans Chris Bihary, CEO and Jerry Dillard, CTO join forces, pulling together Jerry’s product development and manufacturing with Chris’ sales and marketing leadership, to found Garland Technology.

August 2, 2011
11:30 AM

Texas Made

Garland Technology opened the doors to our Garland, Texas development and manufacturing facility, later relocated in nearby Richardson, Texas.

July 12, 2012
12:00 PM

Innovation at the Edge

Utilizing Jerry's bypass technology, Garland releases the EdgeLens® Inline Security Packet Broker. This Integrated bypass packet broker proved to be unique in the industry combining the resilience of a bypass TAP with the optimization functionality of a packet broker, allowing teams to securely manage multiple inline security tools.

February 13, 2015
12:30 PM

Custom Development

Unlike other vendors, Garland is known for developing custom solutions. This was highlighted when Garland worked with the Department of Defense (DoD) to build custom Military-Grade Industrial Network TAPs for extreme environments. These TAPs are still in service today.

April 27, 2017
13:00 PM

Garland Technology Day

April 27 is designated "Garland Technology Day," marking the grand opening of our global headquarters on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, NY in 2017.

May 18, 2017
13:30 PM

High Density Modularity

Garland launches the widely popular SelectTAP Fiber Modular Chassis the ultimate in passive network TAP flexibility, supporting 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G and 400G network speeds, various media modules and unique steel construction.

June 5, 2018
14:00 PM

Industry’s First OM5 Fiber TAP

Garland Technology launches the industry’s first Optical Mode 5 (OM5) Fiber TAP. Built to “future proof your network” by meeting network and security monitoring demands. While the industry has still been slow to catch up, Garland takes the lead.

June 26, 2018
14:30 PM

“Hot Company of the Year”

Network Products Guide names Garland Technology the 2018 “Hot Company of the Year,” in the 13th Annual 2018 IT World Awards. Maybe they just like the Green TAPs.

August 16, 2018
15:00 PM

No. 8 Fast Track Company

Highlighting our growth as a company, Buffalo Business First ranks Garland Technology No. 8 on 2018’s Fast Track list.

October 2, 2018
15:30 PM

TAP-IT Channel Partner Portal Launch

Garland Technology introduces the TAP-IT Channel Partner Portal to better collaborate globally, designed to accelerate sales processes, productivity, and potential revenue for partners.

August 20, 2019
16:00 PM

No. 4 Fast Track Company

Continuing our growth trend and realizing just how awesome our TAPs really are, in 2019 Garland Technology is ranked No. 4 on Buffalo Business First, Fast Track list.

January 28, 2019
17:00 PM

Welcome to PacketMAX

Garland Technology announces the release of the new PacketMAX™ packet broker line of Advanced Features and Advanced Aggregators. Disrupting the packet broker market by providing modular options, with no transceiver lock ins, and no license fees purpose-built to deploy what you need, when you need it.

October 1, 2019
17:30 PM

Head in the Clouds

Meeting the industry’s evolution, Garland Technology introduces the industry head turning Garland Prisms traffic mirroring vTAP solution, with 1:N replication, and private controller.

April 21, 2020
18:00 PM

Pocket sized USB TAP developed

Seeing a need for smaller, field based visibility, Garland Technology introduces the FieldTAP line. Pocket sized TAPs with USB monitoring, which allow for quick troubleshooting access.

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