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Specialized Network TAPs

Purpose-built for Industrial, Manufacturing, and Utility Environments

Specialized Network TAPs

Industrial, manufacturing, and utility environments are innately different than many of today’s high speed data centers, where environment plays a major role in the cabling and other compatible component choices.

Garland prides itself on cutting edge TAP development and has customized network TAPs for the government, finance, utility, and manufacturing companies. If your network has a requirement that is not addressed in the market, we would be interested to work with you.

• Made, supported, and manufactured in the US

• Quality standard, all TAPs are tested with live network data and validated


Garland Development


DIN Rails

Industrial Accessories

DIN Rail | Field DC-DC Converter | Power lock connectors

  • All of Garland Technology’s portable network TAP form factors are available with Industrial accessories.

  • Fits standard 35mm DIN rail

  • Field DC-DC Converter can be integrated into all RMP-1U chassis configurations or as an external supply option.
  • Power Lock connectors provide extra assurance power supplies stay connected.

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Military-Grade Industrial Network TAP

10/100/1000M(1G) | Modular Portable Chassis

  • Captures full duplex traffic up to 2Gbps without dropping packets
  • Chassis Mount can hold up to two modular TAPs
  • Supports link speed synchronization
  • Supports jumbo frames
  • Passes physical errors
  • Applications: Military Vehicles, Utility Vehicles, Aircraft

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RegenTAP: Dual Breakout

RegenTAP: Dual Breakout

10G | 2 TAPs in 1 | Provide multiple copies of data

  • Provide a 100% copy of Tx/Rx traffic from a single link and a second aggregation copy
    or provide multiple tap ‘breakout’ copies

  • Network Failsafe or passive design

  • OEO design [optical to electrical to optical]

  • Plug and play; no management

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Data Diode

Data Diode Network TAP

10/100/1000M (1G) | Portable

  • Supports regeneration / SPAN mode
  • Physically forces traffic to flow in a single direction, cannot flow back on the network
  • Can protect the source of data streams like switch SPAN ports and network links between networks that have different security requirements
  • Packet Injection becomes impossible
  • Network traffic control is enforced at the physical level

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Limited inventory, special pricing while supplies last

Copper Modular Network TAP

Copper Modular Network TAP Bundle

1G | 1U Chassis | Four tap 'breakout' TAP modules

  • Network Test Access Points (TAPs) are hardware tools that allow you to access and monitor your network
  • The BUNDLE features a flexible and scalable design to meet network designs today and tomorrow
  • 1U Chassis holds 4 Copper TAPs (included) to start accessing the network quickly
  • Dual internal AC power supplies (from the 2 included Power Cords) to properly power the 1U Chassis

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10G Bypass Modular Network TAP

Bypass Modular Network TAP Bundle

10G | 1U Chassis | Two Bypass Modules

  • Network Test Access Points (TAPs) are hardware tools that allow you to access and monitor your network.
  • The BUNDLE features a flexible and scalable design to meet network designs today and tomorrow.
  • 1U Chassis holds 2 Bypass TAPs (included) to start accessing the network quickly.
  • Dual internal AC power supplies (from the 2 included Power Cords) to properly power the 1U Chassis.
  • Four (4) SFP+ SR10 Pluggables included.

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Custom Solutions
Extreme Environments


DoD worked with Garland to develop rugged custom-built network TAPs to measure and assess battlefield communications.

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Garland Technology delivered the industry’s most customizable breakout TAPproducts in the shortest amount of time with complete reliability; well-beyond traditional market life.

-Bruce Aldrich, Jacobs Engineering