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XtraTAP: All-In-1

Advanced Function Network TAPs

Industry Leading Advanced Function TAPs

Garland Technology’s XtraTAPTM: All-In-1 Test Access Points (TAPs) sets the industry’s benchmark with features, including link speed synchronization, remote access and management and utilization rules and alerts, allowing Garland Technology to provide the visibility required to efficiently manage the most complex network infrastructures.

Ensure that monitoring ports do not become oversubscribed with unneeded data by filtering through the packets and traffic not needed, ultimately providing the visibility required to efficiently manage most complex network infrastructure.

Advance Function Network TAPs
 XtraTAP™ All-In-1

XtraTAPTM: All-In-1

1G | Portable | Filtering, Breakout, Aggregation and Regeneration | Remote Management
  • Easy remote access and management with GUI/CLI management card
  • Supports filtering, tap 'breakout,' aggregation and regeneration/SPAN modes
  • Copper TAPs support Link Speed Synchronization
  • 1U rack mount holds up to 4 portable TAPs

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 XtraTAP™ All-In-1 Modular

XtraTAPTM: All-In-1 Modular

1G | 1U/2U | Port-to-Port Aggregator with Port Mapping Filtering
  • Ideal for data centers and media conversion
  • 1U holds up to 4 TAPs; 2U holds up to 12 TAPs
  • Remote management option with CLI or GUI
  • Hot swappable
  • Supports tap 'breakout,' aggregation, regeneration/SPAN and filtering Modes
  • Supports: Copper RJ-45 and short and long range fiber (SX, LX, ZX)
  • Supports Port Mapping and Multi-Tier Filtering

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