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EdgeLens® Focus Inline Security Packet Broker

1G/10G | Integrated Bypass | Failsafe | Filtering, Aggregating and Load Balancing
  • EdgeLens Focus
  • EdgeLens Focus
  • EdgeLens Focus

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IT teams deploy inline security tools to prevent, block, inspect and protect their network, whether at the edge in a data center. Since these tools sit in the active network traffic, ensuring their performance and optimization is as critical as the tasks they perform. Active inline devices present a set of challenges, including becoming a single point of failure — leading to network downtime. Even deploying new inline tools and managing updates introduces risk.

Garland’s new EdgeLens® Focus is a bypass TAP, network packet broker hybrid, purpose-built to provide the ultimate failsafe traffic management device to future proof your network. Eliminate single points of failure, reduce network downtime, cut deployment time and save money, without compromising the network.

Designed to revolutionize the edge of your network, this small half rack Inline Security Packet Broker connects between network segments (router and switch or firewall) and active inline tools, like a firewall or intrusion prevention systems (IPS). Allowing you to monitor the health of multiple tools and effectively manage the devices through deployment, updates
or troubleshooting. If your tools go off line for any reason the Bypass TAP functionality will automatically ‘bypass’ the tool, keeping your network up while you resolve the issue.

Features Include: 

  • One (1) 1G/10G bypass TAP for inline appliances
  • Network failsafe
  • Configurable heartbeat packets with ms resolution
  • Ten (10) 1G/10G ports with packet broker functionality for out-of-band monitoring appliances
  • Supports filtering, aggregation, load balancing and regeneration
  • Aggregate network traffic to a single or multiple tools (1:1, 1:N, N:1, N:N)
  • 900 ingress filters and 256 egress filters
  • Session/flow aware load balancing
  • Configurable hash-based load balancing
  • Flow replication and port mirroring
  • Powered by GTLinux
  • Management through GUI, SNMP v2c/v3
  • Rest API for integration
  • Made, tested and certified in USA
Model No. Ports Network Speed Bypass TAPs Monitor Power Dual Hot Swappable
Power Supplies*




SR Multi-mode Fiber



AC/ 120W





LR Single mode Fiber


AC/ 120W Yes




ER Single mode Fiber


AC Power/ 120W

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Modes-Bypass1 Modes-Breakout1
Inline Bypass Out-of-band breakout
Tool Chaining (Managing multiple tools)