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Network Monitoring

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Monitoring and Performance Management

End-to-end visibility for out-of-band passive monitoring tools strengthens your network security while optimizing your applications and network links, resulting in significant cost savings.

By definition, network monitoring refers to the practice of overseeing the operations of a computer network using specialized management software tools. Network monitoring encompasses the processes, tools, and software involved in overseeing network operations. This means ensuring availability, tracking overall performance of network services, and maintaining visibility into network access, routers, under-performing components, firewalls, switches, network data, and more.

Network Monitoring Topology

As networks become more complex, Network and Security teams must work together to design a network visibility fabric that will provide the visibility and access into different parts of the network for performance monitoring and targeted troubleshooting, while ensuring that these remote areas are just as protected as the data center.

Network Monitoring Challenges

Public and Private Cloud Migration - Traditional network monitoring tools weren’t designed to monitor cloud traffic, either in public or private clouds. Companies likely will need to look for new monitoring tools built for the cloud. 

Data Center Adoption of 100G - Higher network speeds are more challenging to monitor due to the fact that many tools simply don’t have a 100G version. Enterprises may need to get creative and utilize network packet brokers for speed conversion as an immediate solution.

Increase in Cyber Attacks - Security teams are challenged every day to protect their network against sophisticated attacks. In recent years, they’ve turned to NetOps teams to provide valuable insight into the network; identifying unusual traffic patterns and other indications of potential breaches. 

Growth in Data from Connected Devices - Identifying a way to monitor networks made up of thousands of connected devices is challenging. As the number of smart devices rises, monitoring tools will be challenged to keep up with increased traffic over a widespread network.

AI and Machine Learning Tools - These technologies are likely to transform network monitoring as we know it. They will enable enterprises to capture information in a more efficient manner, automate the process, and start making informed decisions on the information provided. 

Whether your network monitoring and performance management strategy begins with a laptop, Wireshark, and a 1G TAP, a 40G/100G enterprise visibility solutions, or a combination of on-premise and cloud workloads - Garland Technology offers network access, distribution, and data center solutions that feed your tools all the data.

The Ultimate Guide To

Network Monitoring

From monitoring basics to industry best practices, infrastructure concerns and scaling network speeds, this guide consolidates everything you need to know as you scale your network to meet modern business demands.

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What's in your network monitoring stack?

What's in the monitoring stack is important, these include Wireshark, Forensics, APM, Network Analyzer, IDS, DPI, Lawful Intercept, Packet Injection, Packet Capture, Content Filter, SIEM.

Application performance monitoring
Application Performance Monitoring
Deep packet inspection
Lawful Intercept
Packet Capture
Lawful Intercept
Packet Capture

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