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Connect your tools and TAPs to your network with quality made pluggables for ethernet copper and fiber optic networks. 

Garland Technology offers SFP, SFP+, QSFP+ pluggables that support 10/100/1000M copper and 1 Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit. Custom cable lengths are available in 1’ and 1m increments.
Pluggables: SFP/SFP+/QSFP+
Model No. Ports Description
SFPTX    SFP 10/100/1000 Copper RJ-45 Connector 
SFPSX   SFP 1000Base-SX Multi-Mode Fiber LC Connector
SFPLX   SFP 1000Base-LX Single-Mode Fiber LC Connector
SFP+SR   SFP+ Dual Speed 1 Gigabit-SX / 10 Gigabit-SR Multi-Mode Fiber LC Connector
SFP+LR   SFP+ Dual Speed 1 Gigabit-LX / 10 Gigabit-LR Multi-Mode Fiber LC Connector
SFP+ER   SFP+ 10Gigabit-ER Multi-Mode Fiber LC Connector
SFP+SR10   SFP+ 10Gigabit-SR Multi-Mode Fiber LC Connector - only supports 10G
SFP+LR10   SFP+ 10Gigabit-LR Multi-Mode Fiber LC Connector - only supports 10G
QSFP+40G   QSFP+ 40 Gigabit-SR Multi-Mode Fiber MPO/MTP-12 Connector
QSFP+40G-LR4   QSFP+LR Single-Mode Fiber LC Connector
QSFP+40GBiDi   QSFP+ 40Gigabit-SR-BiDi Multi-Mode Fiber LC Connector
QSFP28-4SFP28-Cable_1   100 Gigabit Ethernet QSFP28 to (4) x 25 Gigabit Ethernet SFP28 Splitter Cable, 1 Meter

Model No. Description
TWINAX1M Twinax Copper Direct Connect Cable SFP+ 10Gigabit 1 Pre-Cut Meter
TWINAX5M Twinax Copper Direct Connect Cable SFP+ 10Gigabit 5 Pre-Cut Meter
TWINAX10M Twinax Copper Direct Connect Cable SFP+ 10Gigabit 10 Pre-Cut Meter