The FAB Packet Broker System

Monitor & Manage Your Network | 1G/10G/40G | 1U Chassis
  • FAB10G8AC
  • FAB10G24AC
  • FAB40G36AC
  • FAB10G24AC Front View
  • FAB10G8AC Back View

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Integrated System Supporting Filtering, Aggregation and Load Balancing

The FAB Packet Broker System filters, aggregates and load balances your network’s traffic for monitoring and management of your out-of-band network tools. This 1U box allows you to aggregate network traffic, load balance at high speeds (1G,10G, 40G) and connect monitoring tools to multiple segments of your network. Garland’s FAB is a full feature, all-in-one device and has no hidden licensing fees.

Filters Include: User definable filters of Layer 2, 3 and 4; IPv4/IPv6, L4Port,TCP, UDP, VLAN, MAC, Ethertype, IP Protocol, MPLS labels; VLAN tag and MPLS header stripping; Full line rate filtering; Port locking; Ingress and egress filtering

  • Aggregate your network traffic to a single tool.
  • Load balance at high network speeds across multiple appliances.
  • Connect tools to multiple network segments.
  • Any-to-Any configurations: 1Gb, 10Gb, and 40Gb.
  • All ports can be configured as input ports or monitoring ports.
  • Remote Syslog, NTP.
  • Remote network management (RMON) with GUI or CLI interface.
  • TACACS and RADIUS remote user authentication.
  • Ingress and egress counters.
  • Copper SFPs support 10/100/1000 base.
  • Supports jumbo frames.
  • AC or DC hot swappable power supplies.
  • 1 Management port; 1 Console port.
  • All features are included, there are no per-port licensing fees.
  • Made, tested and certified in USA.
Model No. Ports Network Speed SFP/SFP+ Port Copper Ports QSFP Ports (40G) Power Consumption Dual Hot Swappable Power Supplies
FAB10G8AC FAB10G8AC 1G/10G 8 SFP/SFP+ No No 156W AC
FAB10G16AC FAB10G16AC 1G/10G 16 SFP/SFP+ No No 166W AC
FAB10G24AC FAB10G24AC 1G/10G 24 SFP/SFP+ No No 176W AC
FAB10G48AC FAB10G48AC 1G/10G 48 SFP/SFP+ No No 195W AC
FAB10G40AC FAB10G40AC 1G/10G 16 SFP/SFP+ 24 10/100/1000M Copper No 160W AC
FAB40G36AC FAB40G36AC 1G/10G/40G 32 SFP/SFP+ No 4 - 40G QSFP 195W AC
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The FAB Packet Broker System