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Garland Prisms

Traffic Mirroring vTAP 1:N Replication | Advanced Passive TLS Decryption | Private Controller

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Packet Visibility for Virtual Environments

Garland Prisms provides complete network visibility by delivering advanced packet visibility for security monitoring and packet inspection in your cloud environments.

Today’s virtual architecture and applications will not tolerate devices creating traffic bottlenecks and blindspots. Garland Prisms’ out-of-band packet mirroring vTAP and decryption solution, enabling your network-based tools to see deeper into your modern compute environments, providing visibility into Kubernetes and cloud environments without impacting performance or architectures and without modifying your deployment architectures.


Public Clouds

Garland Prisms complements native cloud mirrors, providing added visibility and replication [1:N] to multiple destinations, while allowing you to fuel your tools with decrypted visibility.


Kubernetes & Containers

Capture container and pod traffic then securely forward it to any tool for inspection and analysis. Sensors are deployed as a DaemonSet on Kubernetes nodes or as Docker containers on cloud instances, to capture and mirror out all traffic to and from containers.


Private Clouds & Data Centers

Re-enable out-of-band visibility in your private clouds with any tool for deep monitoring and inspection. Easily forward traffic with GRE/VXLAN encapsulation to any specified IP address.

Network visibility Environments

Garland Technology is the industry leader to acquire, process and distribute packet visibility in any environment.


Capture traffic
• When and where you need it, including Kubernetes and Containers traffic

Replicate Traffic
• Enhance existing infrastructure based vTAP/mirroring, or fill the gap
• [1:N] to multiple destinations

• Secure TLS based decryption (Including TLS 1.3/1.2 with PFS) with symmetric key intercept
• Decryption solution that can handle any session or protocol

Advanced Filtering and processing without impacting performance


Platform agnostic
• Private (VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, etc) and public (AWS, Azure, etc)

Workload deployment
• Deploys to Linux via native service or container, to Kubernetes via DaemonSet and Windows via PowerShell

Traffic forwarding
• Easily forward traffic with GRE/ VXLAN encapsulation to any specified IP address

Frictionless Deployment with simplified licensing

Prisms Screen

Garland Prisms Controller 

Engineered for Ease & Convenience

•  Manage and control from GUI-based SaaS systems or a private secure system in-house
•  Drag-and-Drop Simplicity
•  Rules-Driven & Policy-Based Solution To Acquire, Process & Distribute
•  Public & Private Cloud access in one platform
•  Feed SEIMs with logs and alerts and orchestrate solutions with full REST API

How Garland Prisms Works

Traffic mirroring vTAP

Virtual TAP

Garland Prisms is a host-Based read-only sensor for packet mirroring. You can mirror traffic out of containers, VMs, and Kubernete workloads to your trusted monitoring tools. The sensor securely acquires traffic from your dynamic workloads, scaling with them so packets are never missed. With advanced filtering and processing, Garland Prisms lets you distribute the traffic to any routable IP address and replicate [1:N] to multiple destinations to accommodate your monitoring requirements.

tls encryption

TLS Decryption

Garland Prisms’ symmetric key discovery re-enables out-of-band decryption. The state of the art Garland Prisms sensor is deployed on any workload and discovers symmetric keys from client-side and server-side sessions; north/south and east/west traffic; VM’s, Containers and Kubernetes; third-party services and the internet. Garland Prisms decrypts any of this traffic using the session keys and is designed to capture and decrypt traffic at cloud scale.

Garland Prisms Cloud Visibility

Garland Prisms
Data sheet

Network Traffic Analysis Visibility with Traffic Mirroring 1:N Replication and Advanced Passive TLS Decryption


Cloud Visibility

Migrating to the cloud? Gain visibility insight in overcoming packet capture challenges for cloud-based IT environments.

Cloud Decryption

Cloud Decryption

Learn how to implement symmetric key intercept architecture and review the challenges of cloud decryption.

"Garland Prisms is the easiest and highest performing solution we have found to get traffic to all of our critical tools."

-IT Architect, Leading Bank

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