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Software Defined Networking

SDN is a new approach to designing, building and managing networks that decouples the network's data plane from the control plane.


SDN centralizes the network control by separating control logic to off-device computers, requiring you to have a method of communication between the two planes, data and control. With SDN you have a high level of flexibility in terms of dictating switches and routers, and how the forwarding plane handles network traffic and data flow through the network.

Network TAPs play a critical role in the design of a virtual network such as SDN. Visibility is required for both the data plane and control plane. A Network TAP is placed between the ends of the network to pass complete packet copies of traffic flowing between the control and forwarding devices/software.

As bandwidth has increased and applications have become more complex, the reality of SDN has become apparant. In large enterprises with physical connections spread out over a number of remote locations, SDN permits the manipulation of traffic and data flow from a single dashboard.

Ready for SDN End-to-End Visibility?  Here are some resources and scenarios we think may be helpful.

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Architecting Data Centers for SDN and NFV

In 40G and 100G Environments

The purpose of a software-defined network is to create a central nervous system for traffic routing. This means network admins can use an SDN controller to change traffic patterns according to rapidly changing business needs—all from a centralized console without having to touch specific switches or services. Ready to dig deeper into SDN?

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The Evolution from Monitoring to Software-Defined Networking


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Securing the Edge in Cisco ACI with Garland Technology's EdgeLens

Securing the Edge in Cisco ACI with Garland Technology's EdgeLens

I’ve previously provided an introduction to Cisco ACI in terms of facilitating a next-generation data center by taking advanced of software defined networking. So if you haven’t read that post, it’s

An Introduction to Securing the Edge in Cisco ACI

An Introduction to Securing the Edge in Cisco ACI

Cisco ACI is a game changing approach to managing networks across major disruptions including virtualization, multiple active data centers, hybrid data centers, and private and public cloud.  Cisco

TAP into Complete Visibility for SDN

TAP into Complete Visibility for SDN

Centralized control of traffic flows is critical for monitoring 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G networks. But before implementing SDN, network architects must ensure that they have a solid visibility plane