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Software Defined Networking

SDN is a new approach to designing, building and managing networks that decouples the network's data plane from the control plane.


SDN centralizes the network control by separating control logic to off-device computers, requiring you to have a method of communication between the two planes, data and control. With SDN you have a high level of flexibility in terms of dictating switches and routers, and how the forwarding plane handles network traffic and data flow through the network.

Network TAPs play a critical role in the design of a virtual network such as SDN. Visibility is required for both the data plane and control plane. A Network TAP is placed between the ends of the network to pass complete packet copies of traffic flowing between the control and forwarding devices/software.

As bandwidth has increased and applications have become more complex, the reality of SDN has become apparant. In large enterprises with physical connections spread out over a number of remote locations, SDN permits the manipulation of traffic and data flow from a single dashboard.

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Architecting Data Centers for SDN and NFV

In 40G and 100G Environments

The purpose of a software-defined network is to create a central nervous system for traffic routing. This means network admins can use an SDN controller to change traffic patterns according to rapidly changing business needs—all from a centralized console without having to touch specific switches or services. Ready to dig deeper into SDN?

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Enabling Low-Cost 100G Monitoring
for Visibility and Security

Learn how Big Switch SDN fabric and Garland TAPs enable low-cost 10G/40G/100G pervasive monitoring. In this recorded webinar, discover how Garland Technology’s network TAPs are deployed with Big Switch’s Big Monitoring Fabric to provide a 10G/40G/100G monitoring solution that is operationally simple, highly scalable, and cost-effective for enterprise, service provider and
web-scale/SaaS data centers.

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What White-Box and Brite-Box Mean for Your SDN Deployment

What White-Box and Brite-Box Mean for Your SDN Deployment

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