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Visibility Solutions

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A Joint Solution with Garland Technology

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Powerful Network Traffic Analysis and End UserVisibility at Scale

Capture all data on the wire and transform high volume traffic into
high fidelity performance data insight

Today’s modern enterprise is complex and constantly evolving further away from their data center roots. IT operations teams need traffic insights to track, visualize, and manage network and application performance in real-time. Extracting network and application performance data from network traffic is essential across complex multi-tier application delivery chains. Finding a way to reliably and cost-effectively capture all traffic and transform it into actionable insights can be challenging. IT networks must be enabled with real-time visibility to manage the performance, availability, and security of these applications.

Accedian and Garland Technology have partnered to offer an integrated solution to this problem.

How it works 

1. Garland Technology Network TAPs mirror the network traffic to provide 100% network visibility allowing multiple links to feedGarland’s PacketMAXTM Advanced Aggregator.

2. The Garland PacketMax™ Advanced Aggregator can then combine, filter, and load balance the tapped traffic at scale.

3. Packets are streamed directly to Accedian’s Skylight sensors, delivering network QoS and end-user experience visibility, as well as a root cause of network and application performance degradations.

Integration Benefits

To perform a proper analysis of your network, findings must be based on trusted information. You need to have access to every single packet, from anywhere in the network without losing a single bit of information. Garland Technology’s high-performance network test access points (TAPs), deliver a complete copy of network traffic to Accedian’s Skylight platform, which transforms the raw traffic into end-user experience insights via the Skylight monitoring framework.



About Accedian

Accedian is the leader in performance analytics and end-user experience solutions, dedicated to providing our customers with the ability to assure their digital infrastructure while helping them to unlock the full productivity of their users. We are committed to empowering our customers with the ability to see far and wide across their IT and network infrastructure and a microscopic ability to dive deep and understand the experience of every user, helping them to delight their own customers each and every time. Accedian has been delivering solutions to high profile customers globally for over 15 years.
To learn more, visit us at Accedian.com

Key Capabilities

  • Full visibility across on-premise data centers and private, public (AWS, Azure, Google), or multi-cloud environments.
  • Improve collaboration and break down silos across teams with deep visibility across all network and application layers and infrastructures.
  • Easy access to network traffic from physical, virtual and cloud networks
  • Reduce network downtime, improve reliability, reduce costs, and gain better device utilization by spreading the load data across multiple tools
  • Ensure the efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness of each monitoring tool and the identification of network blind spots.
  • Removing redundant data to eliminate bandwidth constraints across your network. At a time when application availability and performance are more important than ever, you can’t afford duplicate data analysis. With deep packet inspection securely remove redundant packets.
  • Boost the effectiveness of Accedian’s Skylight by optimizing packets with time stamping and conditional packet slicing
  • Skylight Powered Security Threat detection


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