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Allegro Packets

High-Performance Solution for Network Visibility and Forensic Analysis

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Accessible Network Quality and Effectiveness Across Infrastructures

Packets are the smallest data point carried across a network. This granular unit is required for network administrators to collect comprehensive network analysis, but when information systems are inundated with information, packet loss and performance bottlenecks are inevitable. Having a high-performance diagnostic appliance that can be integrated at almost any point in the network, either directly at the premise or accessed remotely, is an asset to network administrators for forensic analysis.

Allegro Packets troubleshooting devices and Garland Technology’s visibility products provide market-leading forensic analysis, examining 100% of the packet-level data that travels across the network. This highly efficient solution ensures optimal network productivity and performance, analyzing faults and peak loads, without compromising quality.

Portable Solution for Forensic Analysis

  1. For easy remote access, the Garland portable network TAPs provide complete packet visibility from the router.

  2. The packets are delivered to the lightweight Allegro 500 for high-performance real-time analysis and monitoring applications.

  3. Capture and display of real-time analytics are featured on the Allegro Network Multimeters web interface.

TAP Alllegro

Leveraging Full Inline and Out-of-Band Security and Monitoring Solution

EdgeLens Focus and Alllegro 1000
  1. Garland Technology’s EdgeLens Focus purpose-built bypass TAP, packet broker hybrid, provides failsafe and heartbeat technology while managing the availability to the firewall.

  2. From the tapped critical link, the EdgeLens Focus delivers filtered, aggregated, and load-balanced copies of out-of-band traffic to the Allegro 1000

  3. Allegro 1000 analyzes, investigates, and troubleshoots all network data.

  4. The Allegro 1000 can then tunnel to a second Allegro 1000, delivering and processing packets from remote locations.

Scalable Network TAP to Aggregation For Complex Data Centers

  1. Garland Technology’s high density SelectTAP copies 100% wire data from many high-speed links.
  2. The traffic from the Network TAP is delivered to Garland Technology’s PacketMAXTM Advance Aggregator, which aggregates, filters, load balances, and adds a VLAN tag to the packets.
  3. Allegro Network Multimeter analyzes each VLAN as a separate virtual link Group in one Allegro x300 or x500, which captures petabytes of traffic.
TAP Aggregation

IT and Security Operations Benefits

  • Comprehensive analyses across a long range of time and easy PCAP extraction.
  • Cost-efficient and powerful network analysis from long-range database.
  • All appliances from 1G to 100G rack mount solution use the same software.
  • Real-time analysis starts immediately after installation.
  • Analysis and correlation of all measurement results on layer 2-7.
  • Track test with two devices.
  • Easy to deploy with a vast set of functionality
  • Reliable zero-loss packet processing.
  • Filter duplicated packets optimizing resource consumption, throughput, and storage capacity.
  • Gain full control over traffic behavior with advanced traffic aggregation, load balancing, and filtering.
  • Available as portable units or a rack mount unit to integrate at any point in the network.

Integration Benefits

Allegro Network Multimeter helps evaluate and measure up to 100G network traffic without delay. By acquiring packet-level data with Garland’s proven bypass reliability and filtering functionality, the Allegro Network Multimeter can investigate and process network data in real-time. With just a few clicks, the solution detects network issues quickly and identifies performance bottlenecks. Whether directly at the customer’s premises or accessed remotely, the solution’s flexible integration helps improve the productivity of your IT infrastructure.

About Allegro Packets

With the Allegro Network Multimeters, Allegro Packets is today one of the leading global providers of network analysis and monitoring solutions. Its customers include many organizations across a wide range of market sectors. The aim of the company is to deliver smart, affordable, and high-performance appliances to help simplify and speed up network analysis and troubleshooting. Find out more on allegro-packets.com


Garland Technology and Allegro Packets provide high-performance solutions for network visibility and forensic analysis. Looking to add this solution, but not sure where to start? Join us for a brief network Design-IT Demo or consultation. No obligation - it’s what we love to do.