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A Joint Solution with Garland Technology

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Real-Time Advanced Threat Detection and Network Visibility 

Responding quickly to cyber security threats is no longer a world where minutes matter. Today, every second matters. To address this reality, Garland Technology and BluVector have partnered by integrating Garland’s high-performance test access points (TAPs) and Advanced Aggregators with BluVector’s AI-driven network security platform to deliver high-fidelity detection, at scale, in real-time, across the enterprise network.


Delivering Sophisticated Threats in Real Time 

Garland’s EdgeSafe™ Bypass TAPs and PacketMAX™ Advanced Aggregators provide 100% visibility, delivering complete copies of network traffic along with other data sources like PCAP files. BluVector is revolutionizing network security with its state-of-the-art AI and machine learning platform, sensing and responding to the world’s most sophisticated threats in real time.

The BluVector sensor delivers real-time analysis of both file-based and fileless threats. The network visibility provided by Garland Technology combined with BluVector’s sensors allow security professionals the ability to detect and triage events with an increase of up to 400% efficiency.

In addition to triaging malicious “incidents” in minutes, the BluVector solution provides Zeek (formerly known as Bro) users with associated Bro logs for each of these events. The logs are easily usable by non-Zeek users via BluVector’s targeted logging function. For advanced Zeek users, BluVector provides a full searchable log environment for threat hunting.

Bluvector JS Diagram


BluVector AI-Driven Network Security

BluVector® CortexTM is an AI-driven sense and response network security platform. Designed for mid-sized to very large organizations, the platform makes it possible to accurately and efficiently detect, analyze and contain sophisticated threats including fileless malware, zero-day malware, and ransomware in real time.

Key Capabilities

  • Intelligent Decision Support – Delivers context and visibility to threat security teams and their investigations by pre-correlating and highlighting log entries associated with events prioritized for analysis.
  • Hunt Process Automation – An extensible Connectors Framework increases analyst efficiency by up to 400% with automated incident investigation and confirmation.
  • Flexible Deployment – A rich connectors framework makes it possible for BluVector Cortex to receive and correlate data from a variety of threat intelligence sources, send events to SIEMs like Splunk and QRadar, and integrate with network or Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions to enable blocking. 



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