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Case Study: Federal Full Packet Capture

Custom Solutions for Mission Critical Data

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The Department of Defense (DoD) has been utilizing Test Access Points (TAPs) as part of their mission-critical networking equipment solution. The TAPs are used to help measure and assess battlefield communications, and evaluate highly-volatile environments during reconnaissance missions, ensuring the transfer of mission-critical data between battlefield military units, during drills, scouting, and situational occurrences.


Military Deployment

Putting together their network visibility strategy, the infrastructure contractor and DoD team recognized the need to respond, collect and transfer every field request, while still balancing the requirements for toughness and improved reliability in the field. They found that many manufacturers of test access equipment were struggling to keep up with the fast evolution for ruggedized, compactness, weight, quality, and design.

They came to Garland Technology with four key requirements:

1. Portability & Vehicle-Mounted: The ability to conduct testing both ‘on’ moving military vehicles (MATV’s, MAXXPRO’s, Bradley’s, HMMWV’s,  STRYKER’s, Tanks) and ‘inside’ each mode of transportation to allow for information to be gathered and collected, whether in a drill, or live exercise. Further, having the flexibility to secure a mount to a plate and run the required cables/cabling to any device that might need a network TAP.

2. Environment Durability: Withstand exposure to corrosive, high-heat, and high-pressure weather environments.

3. Design: Specific requirements to address electromagnetic interference (EMI).

4. Capability: Network connections and power connectors needed to be secure with custom Mighty Mouse ports

"The military is undergoing increased pressure to deliver data faster, with accuracy and reliability, and working with Garland, as a proven leader for network access equipment, has resulted in our ability to forecast, plan, and assess, proactively, as a business driver."

-Bruce Aldrich
Jacobs Engineering


To effectively collect and analyze data related to communications, battlefield tactical deployment, and situational awareness during Department of Defense exercises.


To ensure battlefield exercise data was effectively collected, the communication devices were outfitted with Garland Technology's rugged Military-Grade Industrial Network TAP, which fed the data through a packet capture tool and onto hard drives. These network TAPs provided full duplex traffic without dropping packets, ensuring all battlefield communications were properly measure and assessed.

With Garland Technology, the DoD received these custom-built TAPs with chassis ‘wings’ so each could be mounted in different locations, durable steel double-bay chassis, as well as Mighty Mouse connectors to ensure the ultimate connection under extreme environments.

Capture Full-Duplex Traffic

Military or Industrial TAP

"Working with Garland, we achieved leading network test access solutions that have been utilized in the field for over four and a half years, with zero fail."

-Bruce Aldrich
Jacobs Engineering

Garland Technology's network TAPs continue to be deployed in the ongoing DoD exercise to ensure critical communications.  With over 250 TAPs in circulation over four and a half years, the DoD has not experienced any product failure, nor had a need for improvements or replacements. Garland Technology was able to deliver a highly reliable, mission critical solution that set the standard for portable mission specific TAPs.



• Improved data quality

• Improve risk assessment

The only vendor that delivered on product requirements, including a smaller footprint product and rugged steel chassis and connectors.

• The only vendor that could design and deliver a custom-build that would meet the Government’s short delivery window. 


Looking to add visibility to an extreme environment, but not sure where to start? Join us for a brief network Design-IT Demo or consultation. No obligation - it’s what we love to do.

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