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Get Public Cloud Packet Traffic
To Your Tools

The Easiest, Most Advanced & Most Affordable Solution to Unleash Your Security, Network & Monitoring Tools on The Cloud.

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Network Packet Visibility for Public Cloud Environment

Prisms is the most advanced, easiest, and most affordable solution to get cloud packets to monitoring tools and services. Prisms allows organizations to access, process and deliver packet-level traffic from VMs and containers in any public cloud. Our next generation agent technology sends processed packet traffic to your tools and services both in-cloud and off-cloud.


With Prisms, customers activate and run the tools of their choice to gain the critical visibility and control they need. Prisms allows organizations to accelerate their cloud transformations with clarity and confidence.



Acquire packet traffic from any cloud source. Solve agent sprawl with a single, scalable sensor for all your cloud tools. 

Capture, see, send and orchestrate packets from:

  • Cloud provider infrastructure like agentless Azure VTAPs and VxLAN devices like cloud firewalls and routers.
  • Cloud workloads like VMs, containers, and soon PaaS
  • North - South and East - West packets
  • Inter- and intra- cloud packets


Advanced Packet Processing Filters, Prepares & Optimizes Replicated Streams

Prisms Service Processor (PSP) is an elastic processing engine that prepares packet streams for distribution to your tool destinations.

The PSP is container-based and infinitely  scalable. It sits inside your own cloud subscription which maximizes security while minimizing impact on resources and exit charges.



Distribute processed cloud packet traffic to any IP address – in the cloud or off-cloud

Distribute cloud packet traffic to any team, tool or process you require. Replicate the same source packet stream to multiple destinations to save cost, compute overhead and management strain.

Replicate full packet streams for storage, monitoring and compliance or use advanced sampling to send the heartbeat of your cloud to your teams and tools.

Prisms Screen with Computer-c

Prisms Manager Engineered for Ease & Convenience

  • Drag-and-Drop Simplicity.
  • Split-SaaS Security.
  • Rules-Driven & Policy-Based Solution To ACQUIRE, PROCESS & DISTRIBUTE Public Cloud Packet Traffic To Tools


Prisms was born in the cloud, for the cloud. Our policy-based, next-gen agent technology provides the most advanced capabilities to acquire, groom and distribute any cloud traffic to your network, application and monitoring tools with the least operational overhead and disruption on system operations, solving the traditional agent problem.



Our policy driven interface allows organizations to get up and running with ease. With a click of a button you can not only define groups and destinations but set rules for data to aggregate, replicate, filter or slice prior to reaching destinations with to enable cloud visibility.



Prisms’ simple and clear pricing model that starts with free and does not require a license to execute a proof of concept. Prisms is priced disruptively low because we believe cost should not be a barrier to, accessibility, productivity, visibility or security.

Hybrid Cloud Environment
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Learn the principles of network visibility fabric design including, the benefits of a reliable access Layer, addition of an Aggregation Layer, and more.

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In this white paper we go over monitoring basics to industry best practices, infrastructure concerns and scaling network speeds.

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Prisms is the easiest and highest performing solution we have found to get traffic to all our critical tools.


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