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Flyaway CyberKit Visibility

Tactical Gear for Rapid Response Teams

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Flyaway Kits For Cyber Operations

A Fly-away Kit (FAK), Expeditionary Kit or Mobile Air Cyber Kit is a self-contained suite of equipment the Department of Defense (DoD) and federal civilian Cyber Protection Teams (CPTs) deploy to operate in both tactical (field) and back-office environments. The FAK suite of cyber tools or cloud/server applications include tools to conduct vulnerability analysis, incident response, and other cyber-analytic functions, and are suitable for operation on both classified and unclassified networks.
Fly-away Kit

In order to determine the state of the critical networks or to run a deployable network, cyber teams, IT infrastructure teams, and data analytics teams require:

  • Packet visibility and access into the network
  • Network data from sensors from deployable servers
  • Analytic capability from the hardware and software
  • A user interface typically via their laptops

Fly-away Kit Objectives

Fly-away Kit-NextComputing-case

A Flyaway kit must enable agile rapid response by CPT teams. These kits need to easily scale up and scale down while traveling to meet the mission and be able to respond at a moment’s notice, and not have to carefully schedule additional travel assets. Fly-away kits must:

  • Be "carry-on" accessible for commercial aircraft, staying close to the analyst
  • Lifted by a single person
  • Easily transported by rental car, sedan, or SUV vehicles
  • Make travel less conspicuous by carrying smaller items
  • Reduce operation costs, by simplifying procurement
  • Reduce travel costs by leveraging commercial travel options
  • Reduce setup time & tear down time
  • Reduce size, so less space used on the site/location, expanding the potential sites where space is a constraint

Fly-away Kit Pain Points

Legacy FAK tools have typically been too large, consist of too many components and peripherals, and are vulnerable to shock damage. In addition, the lack of modularity of legacy tools do not allow the flexibility to support various missions and subordinate commands simultaneously.  Legacy tools have been costly and complex to use, which sometimes include large rack servers and 1U network TAPs, making transportation difficult:

  • Not agile — transport has to be carefully planned and scheduled, subject to delays
  • Expensive to transport
  • Subject to damage
  • Subject to separation of critical data & equipment from the CPT teams
  • 3-4+ person lift
  • Large, bulky, takes up a lot of space — cannot go to certain locations based on size/weight
  • Cannot easily transport on commercial airline, or via car or standard vehicles
  • Complex to setup & complex to tear down
  • Not easily configurable

Pay-off Points: There is a critical need for less expensive tools where personnel can engage quickly with minimal training. The ideal cyber Fly-away Kit provides a lighter, smaller, shock-tolerant, faster and more capable suite than the current legacy tools in use today.

Flyaway Kit Visibility Options

Access Visibility with Network TAP

  • Duplicate 100% packet traffic (not replication), eg. passing physical errors
  • Support various media type, including copper, fiber, and SFP/+ interfaces
  • Supports network speeds from 1Gbps and 10Gbps, sometimes up to 40/100Gbps for fiber
  • 100% secure and invisible (no IP or MAC addresses) 
  • Portable, Plug & Play design
Portable Passive Network TAPs
Portable Plug and Play Packet Visibility

  • Provide full-duplex traffic visibility
  • 'TAP' Breakout
  • Supports single-mode, multi-mode fiber
  • Passes physical layer error
Portable Active Network TAPs
Portable Plug and Play Packet Visibility

  • Provide full-duplex traffic visibility
  • Breakout 'TAP' mode, TAP aggregation, regeneration or filtering
  • Supports single-mode, multi-mode fiber, copper RJ45, SFP, SFP+
  • Link failure propagation (LFP) and Link speed synchronization
Provide pocket size USB network access
  • Provide full-duplex traffic visibility
  • Monitoring on USB 3.0
  • Passes PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Media Conversion
  • Link failure propagation (LFP) and Link speed synchronization

Access Optimization with Packet Brokers

  • Traffic aggregation, filtering and load balancing
PacketMAX: Advanced Aggregator
Aggregation, Filtering and Load Balancing

  • Innovate 13" deep packet brokers fits in standard 19" rack pelican cases
  • Advanced filtering for Layer 2, Layer 3 and Layer 4
  • 20 SFP+ ports
  • Supports network speeds from 1Gbps and 10Gbps
XtraTAP: Portable Packet Broker
Portable fully configurable and interchangeable

  • Provide full-duplex traffic visibility
  • Four port SFP+ design
  • Advanced filtering for Layer 2, Layer 3 and Layer 4
  • Set utilization alerts to avoid oversubscription
  • Media Conversion
  • Supports tap filtering, ‘breakout,’ aggregation, and regeneration/SPAN modes

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