Monitoring and Performance Management

End-to-end visibility for out-of-band passive monitoring tools strengthens your network security while optimizing your applications and network links, resulting in significant cost savings. Whether your network monitoring and performance management strategy begins with a laptop, Wireshark and a 1G TAP or 40G/100G enterprise visibility solutions - Garland Technology offers network access, distribution and data core solutions that feed your tools all the data.

SDN Visibility Plane

Where do I TAP for 100% Visibility and Access?

To achieve complete 100% visibility with application monitoring tools, network engineers and architects must provide packet capture solutions for:

Application Performance Monitoring
Intrusion Detection System
Deep Packet Inspection
Network Packet Broker
Network Analyzer
Packet Injection
Lawful Intercept
Packet Capture
Content Filter

Enterprise Network

Data Centers (D1 and D2) require visibility solutions for all points in the network including 1G/10G/40G and 100G at the access, distribution and core.

Enterprise Network-DiagramLR.png

Architecting Data Centers for SDN and NFV 

Why is visibility critical with SDN?

1. SDN decouples the data plane from the control plane
2. Visibility is required for both the data plane and control plane.

Centralized control of traffic flows is critical for monitoring 40G and 100G networks. Before implementing SDN network architects must ensure they have a solid visibility plane that ensures 100% of packets will be seen by the SDN controller.NPB-Pyramid-LR.png


The 101 on Passive Network TAPs

by Jerry Dillard, Garland Technology CTO/Co-founder
For out of band monitoring tools, you’ll want a passive network TAP.  Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” solution that will work in every environment. In this blog we provide an overview as well as explaining the differences for 1G copper interfaces. Here’s a quick refresher to get you started on the right foot, read more>

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