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Garland Technology Joins Cyphort as Technology Partner

Leading TAP Manufacturer, Garland Technology, Teams Up With Advanced Malware Defense Provider, Cyphort, to create win-win security setup.

CYPHORT-Logo-300pxBuffalo, NY (PRWEB) July 29, 2015 -- Garland Technology and Cyphort, Inc. began a technology partnership in July 2015. Cyphort’s Advanced Threat Defense Platform (ATDP), when combined with Garland Technology’s network access TAPs, helps secure IT networks from the next generation of cyber attacks.

Garland Technology provides network access hardware with multiple functions, including load balancing, aggregation, filtering and bypass technology, which guarantee a replica of the traffic to the Cyphort solution.

The partnership emerged from customers need to provide quality replication of traffic to the Cyphort platform. With Garland’s solution, dropped packets are not an option – their technology ensures that a complete copy of all data on the live network is delivered to the Cyphort solution. Traditional mirrored ports on network switches are not reliable and often miss packets, potentially reducing the effectiveness of security solutions that rely on detailed traffic analysis.

Cyphort is the next generation of advanced threat detection and leverages the contextual information surrounding an object in web traffic that ensures more accurate verdicts are rendered. With network speeds increasing all over the globe, traditional mirrored ports become unreliable in providing all the contextual information as well as all the objects available for detonation. Cyphort and Garland have teamed up to provide scalable solutions for their security clients.

“The threat landscape is constantly changing and Cyphort is consistently ahead of the curve,” said Chris Bihary, Garland’s CEO. “Cyphort’s Advanced Threat Defense Platform provides customers a complete, real-time picture of an attack and the potential spread within an organization. I’m thrilled our TAPs will feed their clients’ defenses.”

Security works best when you can afford the ability to check everything coming into your network,” said Jeremy Carlson, senior director, business development at Cyphort. “Now that we’re partnered with Garland Technology, we can assure that our clients are feeding all of the data necessary to make our part of the equation shine. It’s really a way to offer our clients a win-win situation.”

Cyphort will be attending Black Hat 2015 on August 5 - 6 in Las Vegas, NV. The conference, “built by and for the global InfoSec community,” features training, briefings and presentations for IT security. To learn more about our partnership, please stop by Cyphort’s booth #759.

About Garland Technology 
Garland Technology guarantees precise data monitoring capabilities with a full line of access products: network TAPs that support aggregation, regeneration, bypass and breakout modes; packet brokering products; and cables and pluggables. We want to help you avoid introducing additional software, points of failure and bulk into your network. Garland’s design and education-based approach takes you from square one to a network design specialist. Your Garland Technology network designer works directly with you and your team to meet your network access needs and provide you with the best solution in the solution areas of network analyzers, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention systems, bandwidth management, computer forensics, data capture, content filtering, data leakage prevention, and lawful interception. 
For more information, visit http://www.garlandtechnology.com.

About Cyphort 
Cyphort is an innovative provider of Advanced Threat Protection solutions that deliver a complete defense against current and emerging Advanced Persistent Threats, targeted attacks and zero day vulnerabilities. The Cyphort Platform accurately detects and analyzes next generation malware, providing actionable, contextual intelligence that enables security teams to respond to attacks faster, more effectively, and in as surgical a manner as their attackers. Cyphort's software-based, distributed architecture offers a cost effective, high performance approach to detecting and protecting an organization’s virtual, physical and cloud infrastructure against sophisticated attacks. Malware detection for Windows, OSX and Linux allows businesses to extract maximum value from IT assets without compromising the security of an organization. Founded by experts in advanced threats from government intelligence agencies and premier network security companies, Cyphort is a privately held company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. For more information, please visit: http://www.cyphort.com.

Written by Garland Technology

Garland is committed to educating all organizations and individuals on the benefits of having a strong foundation of network visibility and access. Seeing every bit, byte and packet is critical. Garland’s unique educational-based approach provides your team with the best monitoring and security solutions to meet your needs.