Copper High Density Aggregator Network TAPs

1G | 1U
  • INT1G10CSA
  • INT1G10CSA
  • INT1G10CSA Rackmount

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Network test access points (TAPs) are hardware tools that allow you to access and monitor your network. Aggregator TAPs are used to capture 100% full duplex traffic; the traffic can then be sent to multiple monitor appliances to analyze your network. Aggregator TAPs are purpose-built hardware devices that let you see every bit, byte and packet.®

Aggregator TAPs support tap 'breakout,' aggreagation and regeneration/SPAN modes providing flexibility to manage your network.
  • 1U High Density Solution:
    • TAP up to 4 network segments.
    • Aggregate traffic to 1 or 2 monitoring ports.
    • Can fit 2 INT1G10CSA units in a 1U space.
  • Link Speed Synchronization.
  • Link Failure Propagation (LFP).
  • Supports packet injection.
  • Supports tap 'breakout,' aggregation and regeneration/SPAN modes.
  • Supports jumbo frames.
  • Passes physical errors.
  • Network Failsafe recognizes power outages and automatically closes the relay circuitry in less than eight milliseconds then reconnects the two network devices connected to ports A and B.
  • Dual internal AC power supplies.
  • 100% secure and invisible; no IP address, no Mac address; cannot be hacked.
  • Made, tested and certified in USA.
Model No.  Network Speed  Media Modes
Network Monitor  Breakout Aggregation Regeneration
INT1G10CSA 1G 4 Copper-RJ45 2 SFP Yes Yes Yes No

Breakout Mode


INT1G10CSA Breakout Mode Flow

Aggregation Mode


INT1G10CSA Aggregation Network Flow