Garland vTAP

10G | Virtual | Supports OpenStack and VMware
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With organizations becoming increasingly dependent on virtual computing, IT professionals need a solution to eliminate the blind spots inherent to virtual environments. Garland's vTAP is a software solution to address these challenges by providing complete visibility for east-west and inter-VM traffic. When used alongside Garland's physical TAPs, IT teams will have full confidence they are seeing every bit, byte, and packet® across their network.
  • Enables 100% visibility of VM traffic
  • Compliments physical TAPs
  • Blind spot removal with complete visibility to east-west, inter-VM, and blade server mid-plane traffic
  • Supports tenant based tunnels (VLAN, VXLAN, and GRE) for isolation, privacy, and compliance
  • Supports traffic filtering and packet slicing
  • Supports KVM and VMware ESXI
  • Supports VMware vSS, vVDS, and OVS
  • Centralized management with a dashboard for orchestration and monitoring
  • One touch installation