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PacketMAX: Advanced Features Dedup

Extend the Feature Set of Existing Infrastructure and Reduce the Processing Load to Security and Monitoring Tools with Deduplication, Time Stamping and Packet Slicing

PacketMAXTM: Advanced Features Dedup, part of Garland Technology’s purpose-built network packet broker line, built to extend the feature set of any product. The system is designed to support large window deduplication, time stamping, and packet slicing.

Adding these features to your existing infrastructure, can significantly reduce the processing overhead from security or monitoring tools. The 4x10G SFP+ or 1x 40G or the 4x QSFP28 ports support SR, LR, and ER MSA compliant transceivers.

We believe that securing and monitoring your network is the ultimate goal. Network packet brokers are critical to accomplishing that goal providing access and management of network traffic from multiple links to optimize the performance of your network monitoring and security tools.

PacketMAX™: Advanced Features Dedup PacketMAX™: Advanced Features Dedup
PacketMAX™: Advanced Features Dedup
PacketMAX™: Advanced Features Dedup

Key Features

  • Supports 10G, 40G or 100G
  • FPGA Based design for increased flexibility
  • Large window deduplication
  • Plug & Play - Zero Configuration Required
  • Time Stamping: 5 nS resolution
  • Programmable Packet Slicing, L2, L3 or L4 supported
  • Encapsulation awareness support: IP-in-IP, GRE, GTP-U, VXLAN; VNTAG
  • Stripping support: VLAN, MPLS, VNTAG, FabricPath, VXLAN, GTP- U, IP-in-IP, L3GRE, L2GRE


  • Extend the feature set of PacketMAX Advanced Aggregators or existing infrastructure
  • Reduce the load to security or monitoring tools by removing duplicate packets introduced by SPAN ports
  • Extending the life of existing security and monitoring tools by reducing traffic volume
Model No. Ports Network Speed Ports Power Watts
AF10G4AC AF10G4AC 10G (4) SFP+

1 AC power supplies


AF10G4DC AF10G4AC 10G (4) SFP+

1 DC power supplies


AF10G4ACE AF-Front-LR 10G/40G

(4) SFP+ (1) QSFP

1 AC Power Supply 135W
AF10G4DCE AF-Front-LR  10G/40G  (4) SFP+  (1) QSFP 1 DC Power Supply  135W
AF100G4ACE AF-Front-LR 100G (4) QSFP28 1 AC Power Supply 135W
AF100G4DCE AF-Front-LR 100G (4) QSFP28 1 DC Power Supply 135W
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AF10G4AC Traffic Flow
AF10G4AC Traffic Flow TAP-to-Agg-Dedup


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