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Seven Solutions

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Complete Visibility for a White Rabbit Link with Garland Passive Test Access Point (TAP)


With the evolution of advanced networks like 5G, gaining time and frequency distribution becomes a critical yet demanding part of a network infrastructure. New and developing architectures are challenged to improve network visibility and timestamping accuracy.

Seven Solutions’ customers must provide a quality of service generally specified in a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) contract in the framework of Time as a Service model. End customers and service providers need a way of monitoring White Rabbit (WR) links to control the status of the synchronization. This is especially relevant in production networks or visibility systems where tapping strategic links is required for this purpose. Active components for tapping White Rabbit links are not an option since these components may contain bugs and introduce degradation of the synchronization. The purpose of this application note is to evaluate the behavior of Garland Technology Network TAPs on both short and long-distance White Rabbit links. The parameters understudy will be the following ones:

Synchronization quality: Accuracy and jitter. Monitoring and capture of the White Rabbit/PTP handshake.


The network topology outlined in this brief tested considered for testing the performance of a WR link with a Garland TAP. In a scenario which includes a Garland Technology Network TAP is presented to the right:



The tables to the right and graphs on the next page show the synchronization performance results obtained from the previous set-up:



The performance of the White Rabbit technology with Garland Technology’s Passive Fiber TAP is remarkably good:

  • The Garland Technology passive fiber TAP mirrors network data without affecting network traffic, providing complete visibility and high performance to the White Rabbit technology.
  • Synchronization quality is good, with slight degradation not forcing any inconvenience for customers.
  • The use of long-haul WR links does not cause a severe impact on the performance of the system.
  • Monitoring and capture of the WR/PTP handshake is 95% reliable.

About Seven Solutions

Seven Solutions is the global leader in ultra-accurate and deterministic time transfer
and frequency distribution for industrial and scientific applications. For over ten years, Seven Solutions has worked successfully in cutting-edge projects from different sectors such as telecommunications, smart-grid, aerospace, defense, and scientific facilities (e.g., particle accelerators and radio-telescopes). From science as an innovation engine, the company offers solutions towards massive adoption of ultra-accurate timing to be exploited in finance, defense, Aerospace and enable the next generation of mobile telecom infrastructure (5G). Learn more at sevensols.com

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