Visibility, Security and the Edge

Security architects and engineers are under pressure to manage the edge of the network.

Cyber attacks have become more persistent and sophisticated, leaving security professionals tasked with bolstering the network’s edge with a layer of security devices each assigned to a specific threat to be analyzed. Today’s security architects utilize their next-generation firewalls or intrusion detection systems as their security foundation - while deploying and managing additional in-line security tools.

The management of multiple active, in-line security tools is complex the add to the stack the passive monitoring tools for application and network performance, as well as content filtering, forensics and in some cases lawful intercept. 

Managing the Edge of the Network

How Do I Manage Multiple In-line Appliances and Passive Network Monitoring Tools?

Meet the EdgeLens - an In-line Security Packet Broker System. This 1U box contains up to 4 bypass TAPs with failover for active, in-line security appliances and up to 16 ports for passive monitoring devices.

 EdgeLens 12 Port Active Inline Load Balancing

When your 1G tools can no longer keep up with your 10G network or if you need to connect multiple tools to one network link the EdgeLens provides flexibility and scalability for your network’s needs today and tomorrow.

  • TAP once and connect multiple in-line security appliances
  • TAP a 1G link - or - a 10G link and deliver data to 1G
  • TAP a 10G link and deliver data to 1G and 10G tools

FilteringFiltering & Tagging
The EdgeLens filters direct the flow of traffic, filters can: deny traffic, pass all traffic, pass traffic by certain criteria and tag packets. The Edglens’ VLAN filters can tag packets, remove tags from packets and truncate packets.

Load BalancingLoad Balancing
Session aware load balancing
• 10G to 1G
• 10G to 10G
• 1G to 1G
• 1G to 10G

• Any to Any configuration
• Packet slicing
• Packet truncation
• Aggregate network traffic to single or multiple tools



• Deliver data to security and monitoring tools
• In-line security tools can be deployed in serial (chaining) or in parallel

EdgeLens is the Solution for:

  • Management of in-line security tools and out-of-band monitoring tools
  • High Availability (HA) scenario (active/active or active/passive)
  • Chaining multiple in-line security tools
  • Load balancing for increased bandwidth demands
  • EtherChannel (Port Channel Architecture)
  • Root cause analysis Historical lookback
  • Validate policy changes
  • SSL encryption and decryption

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