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Your investment in Garland Technology's network access points (TAPs) or packet brokers is an investment in quality and made to last. We manufacture, test and certify all of our products in the USA.

Our products meet stringent quality standards, including those of our technology partners.

Warranty Benefits and Support Plan Options

All hardware comes with a standard Return to Factory warranty.*
Enhanced and extended support plans are available, compare the benefits to see what’s right for you:

Garland Support Extended Warranty Premier Warranty
Web Support                Check2.png                Check2.png
Phone Technical Support                Check2.png                Check2.png
Firmware Updates                 Check2.png                 Check2.png
 Repair or Replace                 Check2.png                 Check2.png
Advanced Replacement                   Check2.png
RMA Prepaid Shipping                  Check2.png 
Remote Configuration                   Check2.png
Visio Support Diagrams                   Check2.png
Warranty Renewal                  Check2.png                 Check2.png
Detailed Benefits
and T&C's
RTF Warranty Premier Warranty

*All Garland Technology products come with standard 12 months of Return to Factory warranty.

Warranty Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about the warranty provided or want to learn more about the extended and premier warranty programs, contact us.

Return/RMA Information

Have a return, click here for instructions.