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Visibility Solutions

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Wasabi Networks

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The key to protecting, troubleshooting, and optimizing a complex Network infrastructure is 100% real-time network visibility

100% Network Visibility is the key to protect, troubleshoot, and optimize complex network infrastructures and services today. However, using the data gathered from the network takes time. At today’s network speeds, only trivial tasks and analyses can be accomplished in real-time, while more complicated problems require both context and historical data.

When SecOps and NetOps need to drill down to investigate an event they require a full copy of the traffic. This unified and actionable observability can only be accomplished with complete network visibility.

Wasabi Networks and Garland Technology provide the real-time insights

Garland Technology’s Network Visibility products provide the required copies of network traffic. The Wasabi Networks’ Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) records everything and provides a time window where you can search what happened for analysis purposes. Together, we provide rich, deep wire-level insights for complete visibility, recall, retention, and storage of data.

Business Benefits

• Full network visibility leaves no blind spots for network investigation or security planning.
• Address the threats you did not foresee and the threat actors you didn’t know
• Provides the visibility and knowledge to quickly identify and contain a data breach thus reducing downtime
• Ensures optimum data for network security and monitoring tools
• Minimize the financial loss from attacks with effective Incident Response
• Simple to Deploy - works out of the box

Functionality Benefits

• 100% packet capture for retention and storage of data
• 100% Line Rate recording: Full visibility for all network traffic
• Scalable performance to 100G+ on commodity hardware
• Up to 6.5 PB of storage
• Protocol decoding, filtering, and ultra-fast search & retrieval
• Always-on: Uninterrupted write/search/retrieve 24/7
• 100% Line Rate transmit
• Fully integrated HW/SW solutions with an easy-to-use GUI


Out-of-Band Network Traffic Analysis

1. Intelligent network visibility starts with using network TAPs to copy full-duplex traffic from any network segment and site. Garland’s network TAPs help overcome limitations that occur when switched port analyzer (SPAN) ports are used, like dropping packets.

2. To optimize the tapped traffic for the Wasabi Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA), each segment is delivered to Garland Technology’s PacketMAX™ Packet broker for aggregation, load-balancing, filtering, deduplication, and more.

3. The Wasabi NTA provides full packet capture and then records and analyzes traffic at line rate without packet loss. The data is then immediately available for NetOps and SecOps investigations. The NTA acts like a flight recorder on the network, which allows for historical lookback, rapid investigation, and resolution to get the answers you are looking for from any network infrastructure.


Network Traffic Analysis from Critical Inline Links

1. Deploying bypass technology provides inline lifecycle management for sandboxing, deployment, and maintenance of the Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS), Web application firewall (WAF) or Firewalls out-of-band, while the live critical link is live.

2. The bypass TAP is designed to pass heartbeat packets back and forth to detect any connectivity issues with the inline tool. If an issue is detected, the bypass TAP will automatically ‘bypass’ the tool, keeping the live network up, or failover to a High Availability (HA) solution, preventing a single point of failure (SPOF) or network downtime.

3. The Garland’s EdgeLens, is then able to send out-of-band traffic from their inline Bypass TAP to monitoring tools like Wasabi’s Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) from critical links, instead of relying on SPAN which are prone to dropping packets.

4. The Wasabi NTA then provides full packet capture, and then records and analyzes traffic at line rate without packet loss. The data is then immediately available for NetOps and SecOps investigations. The NTA acts like a flight recorder on the network, which allows for historical lookback, rapid investigation and resolution to get the answers you are looking for from any network infrastructure.

About Wasabi Networks

Wasabi Networks allows companies to fully understand what goes on in their networks. As a foundation for cybersecurity and for ensuring network performance, we provide 100% network visibility and long-term network traffic history to make sure that no piece of the puzzle is missing, when your SecOps/NetOps need to take action. Our focus is on providing exactly the right information needed - fast - to speed up understanding and ensure effective resolution and prevention of network and security issues.


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Garland Technology and Wasabi provide packet-level insights for real-time network traffic analysis. Looking to add this solution, but not sure where to start? Join us for a brief network Design-IT Demo or consultation. No obligation - it’s what we love to do.