Network Breakout TAPs


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Network TAPs provide an easy way to monitor your network.

  • Small Portable or Rack Mountable Network TAPs
  • Passive Fiber and Copper Devices
  • Up to four (4) Copper TAPs in a 1U Rack System
  • Up to fifty-six (56) Fiber TAPs in a 1U Rack System
  • Passes Physical Layer Errors
  • Zero Configuration – Plug & Play
  • 100% Network Visibility

Network TAPs are available in the following speeds:

10M/100M Copper Passive 10M/100M Network TAP P1GCCB-SMALL

10M/100M/1000M Copper Passive 10M/100M/1000M Network TAPP1GCCB-SMALL

1G/10G Fiber Passive 1G/10G Network TAP(s)GT-56-Passive-Fiber-TAP-System-front-1-to-28-SMALL

40G/100G Fiber Passive 40G/100G Network TAP(s)GT-56-Passive-Fiber-TAP-System-front-1-to-28-SMALL