GarlandTechnology-DesignIT4.png"What project are you planning today?"

That's the first question you'll receive from Garland Technology's network designers. Just like you, our team at Garland is comprised of experienced network professionals that want to solve network connectivity, visibility, access, and monitoring problems.

Take 10 minutes to talk with the experts at Garland to design a connectivity strategy.

DesignIt diagram-LR.pngHere's what you can expect:

  • Discuss the application and objectives of your current project
  • Determine basic network connectivity requirements
  • Enable our team to create a whiteboard drawing tailored to your needs
  • Receive a Visio drawing to present to your team

Garland works with your vendor of choice in all network security and monitoring solution areas. 

Your Design It consultation ensures your network has 100% visibility and access without taking over your project budget and adding unnecessary software or hardware. 

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