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Allegro Packets and Garland Technology Partner For Optimal Network Productivity and Performance

The partnership delivers a high-performance monitoring solution that resolves issues in fault and peak load analyzation.

Leipzig, Germany/Buffalo, USA - Nov 5 2020 - Allegro Packets, the leading specialist and provider of devices for network analysis and troubleshooting, and Garland Technology, a leading provider of network test access point (TAP), packet broker, and cloud visibility, today announced a partnership to provide a high performing valuation for speeds up to 100G of network traffic. 
The solution’s flexible integration helps improve the productivity of IT infrastructures. Whether needed for portable forensic analysis or leveraging full inline and out-of-band traffic monitoring, the cost-efficient and powerful network analysis measures across a long range of time and information. 

“When information systems are inundated with information, packet loss and performance bottlenecks are inevitable,” says Chris Bihary, CEO and co-founder of Garland Technology. “Our solution with Allegro Packets beneficially transforms the security infrastructure for IT teams. With a few clicks, teams can detect network issues quickly and identify performance bottlenecks.”

Allegro Packets troubleshooting devices and Garland Technology’s visibility products provide market-leading forensic analysis, examining 100% of the packet-level data that travels across the network. The highly efficient solution ensures optimal network productivity and performance, analyzing faults and peak loads, without compromising quality.

“We are excited to continue working with Garland Technology to provide customers with that critical packet-level traffic insight required for network administrators to collect comprehensive network analysis,” says Klaus Degner, co-founder and Managing Director of Allegro Packets “We find great value in Garland’s zero-loss packet processing. Together, we are providing that deep analysis required for security teams in real-time immediately after install.
For more information about the security and IT operations team benefits of the Allegro Packet and Garland Solution brief, please visit garlandtechnology.com/allegro-packets

About Allegro Packets 

With the Allegro Network Multimeters, Allegro Packets is today one of the leading global providers of network analysis and monitoring solutions. Its customers include many organizations across a wide range of market sectors. The aim of the company is to deliver smart, affordable, and high-performance appliances to help simplify and speed up network analysis and troubleshooting. Find out more via info@allegro-packets.com


For the full press release, please visit: https://pressat.co.uk/releases/allegro-packets-and-garland-technology-partner-for-optimal-network-productivity-and-performance-91aa99401aa0fff541348b8091840bcd/

Written by Garland Technology Press

Garland Technology is an industry leader delivering network products and solutions for enterprise, service providers, and government agencies worldwide. For all press inquiries please contact: jason.drewniak@garlandtechnology.com