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Unified and Actionable Observability with Packet Level Visibility

Enterprise IT teams struggle with a lack of visibility into critical parts of their IT infrastructure in order to observe end-user experience and performance of critical business applications. Visibility & observability go hand in hand in every Enterprise IT. While visibility is like the eyes of the network, observability is the brain center for Enterprise IT operations. Unified and actionable observability in Enterprise IT can only be accomplished with complete network-wide visibility.

ThoughtData’s Enterprise360 paired with Garland Technology network visibility solutions enables enterprise network architects to unify their observability for network, application, infrastructure performance and cyber threat intelligence. With actionable observability and end-to-end visibility across the network, the solution helps enterprises to deliver the best end user experience of their IT services to their customers with high performing IT infrastructure.

Visibility Fabric Topology20-ThoughtData


1. Garland Technology network TAPs provide traffic from on-premise or virtual critical links across the enterprise for
optimal visibility.

2. The packet level traffic from the network TAPs is fed to the Garland Technology PacketMAX Packet Broker to
aggregate, filter and load balance.

3. Packet feeds can go to multiple ThoughtData NetSense packet sensors based on link capacity.

4. ThoughtData NetSense feeds the network metadata to Enterprise360 in real-time ThoughtData InfraSense & active
agents feed the infrastructure and application transaction metadata to Enterprise360 in real-time.

Integration Benefits

Garland Technology and ThoughtData bring instant value to customers by utilizing packet-level data to deliver end to
end insights. By establishing full-scale observability across the network, the solution can provide customers with high
performing application infrastructure. Unified observability with full scale visibility powers enterprise IT organizations
with the following benefits.

Security and IT Operations Team Benefits

• Managing end-to-end visibility with no blind spots in the network
• Full-scale, unified, and actionable observability
• Unified solution for network, application, infrastructure performance, and cyber threat intelligence
• Better team collaboration and removes the need for manual data correlation across multiple tools
• Reduced tool clutter & maintenance at a reduced cost
• Significant reduction in MTTR to critical IT incidents
• Increased preparedness for Cyberthreat response
• Increased confidence to solve critical IT incidents

About ThoughtData

ThoughtData helps enterprise businesses to significantly reduce cost, tool clutter, and time to respond to critical IT incidents by providing a unified and actionable observability solution across network, application, infrastructure performance along with cyber threat intelligence. Learn more at www.thoughtdata.com


Garland Technology and ThoughtData provide a comprehensive network monitor visibility solution for IT environments. Looking to add this solution, but not sure where to start? Join us for a brief network Design-IT Demo or consultation. No obligation - it’s what we love to do.