Network Bypass TAPs with Failsafe
for In-line Security Tools

A Best Practice by Industry Leaders

Bypass TAPs (aka bypass switches) are used to connect a monitored network segment to an in-line active security device and monitor the device's health. If your security tool goes off-line the bypass TAP automatically "switches to bypass mode' keeping your network link up while you resolve the issue.

Garland Bypass TAPs with failsafe technology guarantee 100% network up-time and let your security devices see every bit, byte, and packet®.

  • Take your appliance offline without interrupting network traffic for updates, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • During failsafe a Garland Bypass Switch/TAP still passes packets to the in-line security tools
  • Supports breakout, aggregation, regeneration, and bypass modes
  • 100% secure and invisible; no IP address, no Mac address; cannot be hacked
  • Available in portable, plug & play, 1U modular systems and customizable 1U and 2U chassis
  • Media conversion for 1G and 10G 
  • Jerry Dillard, CTO/Co-Founder of Garland Technology invented the bypass TAP
  • Made, tested and certified in USA 

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  • Best practice guide for managing and deploying your in-line security devices
Bypass TAP Normal Flow 

Portable Bypass Network TAP

1G Portable Bypass Network TAPs

  • Easy remote access and managment with GUI/CLI card
  • Portable, Plug & Play
  • Supports: Copper RJ45, SFP, LC - single and multi-mode
  • Use alone, or fit 4 portables in a 1U rack mount kit

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1U Chassis System for Modular Bypass TAPs

1U and 2U 1G Chassis System for Modular Bypass TAPs

  • Ideal for data centers and media conversion
  • 1U holds up to 4 TAPS; 2U holds up to 12 TAPs
  • Remote management option with CLI or GUI
  • Hot swappable
  • Supports: Copper RJ-45 and short and long range fiber (SX, LX, ZX)
  • Bypass taps are configurable to breakout, aggregation, regeneration/SPAN modes

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Integrated Bypass Network TAP System

1G - 1U Integrated Bypass Network TAP System

  • 6 Port High Availability (HA) solution; TAP once and connect one primary and one back up in-band appliance and two out-of-band monitoring appliances
  • Supports: Copper RJ-45 and short and long range fiber (SX, LX, ZX)
  • Dual internal power supplies

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Modular Bypass Network TAP System

10G - 1U Modular Bypass Network TAP System

  • Media conversion for fiber: SR,  LR and ER
  • Monitor four in-line security appliances with fail over assurance
  • Dual internal power supplies
  • TAP modules are field upgradable

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EdgeLens In-Line Security Bypass TAP and Packet Broker System

EdgeLens® Bypass TAP and In-line Security
Packet Broker System

  • Supports filtering, aggregating, load balancing, and regeneration
  • TAP a 1G link - or - a 10G link and deliver data to 1G and 10G appliances
  • TAP once and connect multiple in-line appliances
  • Integrated 1U chassis bypass TAP system
  • Dual AC hot swappable power supplies
  • 1 Management port; 1 Console port
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