Network Bypass TAPs
for In-band Security

A Best Practice by Industry Leaders

Bypass TAPs are used to connect a monitored network segment to an in-band active appliance and monitor the appliance's health. If your appliance goes off line the bypass TAP will automatically switch to 'bypass mode' keeping your network up while you resolve the issue.

Bypass TAPs guarantee your security devices to see every bit, byte, and packet® and guarantee 100% network up-time.

  • Take your appliance offline without interrupting network traffic for updates, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Supports breakout, aggregation, regeneration, and bypass modes
  • 100% secure and invisible; no IP address, no Mac address; cannot be hacked
  • Available in portable, plug & play, 1U modular systems and customizable 1U and 2U chassis
  • Media conversion for 1G and 10G 
  • Jerry Dillard, CTO/Co-Founder of Garland Technology invented the bypass TAP
  • Read the 101 blog on bypass TAPs
  • Read the best practice guide for managing and deploying your in-line security devices
  • Made, tested and certified in USA 

P1GSCx Portable Bypass Network TAPs

1G Portable Bypass Network TAPs

  • Fully configurable, switches on back
  • Supports: Copper RJ45, SFP, LC - single and multi-mode
  • Plug and Play, no configuration
  • Use alone, or fit 4 portables in a 1U rack mount kit

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M1G1ACE New Chassis

1U and 2U 1G Chassis System for Modular Bypass TAPs

  • Ideal for data centers and media conversion
  • 1U holds up to 4 TAPS; 2U holds up to 12 TAPs
  • Remote management option with CLI or GUI
  • Hot swappable
  • Supports: Copper RJ-45 and short and long range fiber (SX, LX, ZX)
  • Bypass taps are configurable to breakout, aggregation, regeneration/SPAN modes

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INT1G8SCBP Integrated Bypass Network TAP System

1G - 1U Integrated Bypass Network TAP System

  • 6 Port High Availability (HA) solution; TAP once and connect one primary and one back up in-band appliance and two out-of-band monitoring appliances
  • Supports: Copper RJ-45 and short and long range fiber (SX, LX, ZX)
  • Dual internal power supplies

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M10G1xxx_M10GSSBP Modular Bypass Network TAP System

10G - 1U Modular Bypass Network TAP System

  • Media conversion for fiber: SR,  LR and ER
  • Monitor four in-line security appliances with fail over assurance
  • Dual internal power supplies
  • TAP modules are field upgradable

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