EdgeLens® Inline Security

Packet Broker System |  1G/10G | 1U Chassis
  • EdgeLens INT10G8SRBP10SFP+
  • EdgeLens INT10G2LRBP10SFP+
  • EdgeLens INT10G8SRBP10SFP+ Front View
  • EdgeLens INT10G2LRBP10SFP+ Front View
  • EdgeLens Back View

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A fail-safe bypass network TAP with  Filtering, Aggregation and Load Balancing.

The EdgeLens® is a fail-safe bypass TAP with a built in network packet broker for complete management of the edge of your network. Deploy multiple in-line, active security tools and out-of-band monitoring tools while gaining 100% network access and visibility.

The EdgeLens is your 1U box solution for all your network security and monitoring needs. When your 1G tools can no longer keep up with your 10G network or if you need to connect multiple tools to one network link the EdgeLens provides flexibility and scalability for your network’s needs today and tomorrow.

  • TAP once and connect multiple in-line security appliances
  • TAP a 10G link and deliver data to 1G and 10G tools

Filters Include: User definable filters of Layer 2, 3 and 4; Mac, IP, MAC, TCP, MPLS, UDP, IPv4/IPv6, Ethertype, source and destination IP; Protocol: HTTP, VoIP, FTP; VLAN ID; User Defined Byte (UDB); ingress and egress filtering

  • 1U Integrated Chassis Options:
    • One -or- Four: 10G-SR or LR bypass TAPs (with failover) for security appliances.*
    • Ten -or-Sixteen: SFP/SFP+ ports for passive monitoring appliances.
  • Network Failsafe Technology: during failsafe in-line appliances still receive packets. Garland failsafe technology recognizes power outages and automatically closes the relay circuitry in less than eight milliseconds then reconnects the two network devices connected to ports A and B. 
  • Network Packet Broker supports: filtering, aggregation, and load balancing.
  • Remote management with GUI or CLI.
  • SSH and HTTPS for secure management.
  • TACACS+ authentication.
  • Syslog support.
  • NTP support.
  • Dual AC or DC hot swappable power supplies.
  • 1 Management port, 1 Console port.
  • Tested and certified
Model No. Ports Network Speed SFP/SFP+ Monitoring Ports Bypass TAPs Dual Hot Swappable
Power Supplies*
INT10G2SRBP10SFP+   1G/10G 10 SFP/SFP+ (1) 10G-SR TAP 
2 fiber ports
INT10G2LRBP10SFP+   1G/10G 10 SFP/SFP+ (1) 10G-LR TAP 
2 fiber ports
INT10G8SRBP16SFP+   1G/10G 16 SFP/SFP+ (4) 10G-SR TAP 8 fiber ports AC
INT10G8LRBP16SFP+   1G/10G 16 SFP/SFP+ (4) 10G-LR TAP 8 fiber ports AC
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Bypass Network TAP Mode Filtering + Aggregation + Load Balancing