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EdgeSafe: 100G Bypass Modular Network TAP

100G | Inline Bypass | Failsafe | Ensure reliability for multiple inline tools

A Bypass TAP, also referred to as a 'bypass switch', provides the ability to manage the availability and reliability of your inline tool (IPS, WAF, firewalls) any time without network downtime or impacting business availability for maintenance or upgrades. A critical component to IT security strategies.

Garland’s 100G modular EdgeSafeTM Bypass TAPs, are purpose-built to provide the ultimate failsafe device that eliminates single points of failure, reducing network downtime, without compromising the network.

Bypass TAP "Inline lifecycle management" allows you to sandbox new tool deployments, manage updates, install patches, perform maintenance or troubleshooting and validate out-of-band, without impacting the network.

EdgeSafe: 100G Bypass Modular Network TAP
EdgeSafe: 100G Bypass Modular Network TAP

Key Features

  • Inline Bypass — sandbox, deploy, troubleshoot and replace active inline tools without taking the network link down
  • Network Failsafe - Garland failsafe technology recognizes power outages and automatically closes the relay circuitry in less than eight milliseconds, reconnecting the two network devices connected to ports A and B
  • Heartbeat Health Check - Configurable heartbeat packets monitor the health of the inline appliance. If the tools availability changes, the Bypass TAP will automatically ‘bypass’ the tool, or failover to a redundant solution, keeping your network up while you resolve the issue


  • Up to (2x) 100G TAPs in a 1U chassis
  • TAP both 100G-SR4, and 100G-LR4 Links | Monitor ports 100G-SR4 or 100G-LR4
  • Each TAP module is field replaceable.
  • Scalable modular design with media conversion
  • Support for packet injection, jumbo frames, link failure propagation with TACACS, SNMP and Syslog
  • Simple easy to use GUI management
  • Dual redundant power supplies
  • Tested and supported in the USA
Model No. Description
M100G1AC 100G-1U Chassis System: Supports up to 2 modular Bypass TAPs. Dual internal AC power supplies.
M100G1DC 100G-1U Chassis System: Supports up to 2 modular Bypass TAPs. Dual internal DC power supplies.
Model No. Network Speed Bypass TAP Module Network Media Monitor Media
M100GSR4BP 100G SR Multi-mode Fiber 2 SR4 Multi-mode, MTP12 2 QSFP28 Cages
M100GLR4BP 100G LR Single-mode Fiber 2 LR4 Single-mode, LC-Fiber 2 QSFP28 Cages
M100GSR10BP 100G SR Multi-mode Fiber 2 SR4 Multi-mode, MTP24 2 CFP4 Cages
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bypass mode active inline


Bypass mode out of band


failsafe powerloss


EdgeSafe Bypass TAPs continuously checks the responsiveness of the inline tool by sending “heartbeat” packets between it and the tool. If the tool is not responding, the TAP will “bypass” the inline tool, allowing network traffic to flow without interruption.

EdgeSafe Bypass TAPs continue to send traffic and heartbeat packets out-of-band to the inline tool even after the tool stops responding. As soon as the tool becomes operational, replaced or re-optimized, the EdgeSafe will re-route traffic back through the tool to ensure it is continuing to protect the network.

The EdgeLens® - Inline Security Packet Broker System

EdgeSafe: 40G Bypass Modular Network TAP


EdgeSafe: 100G Bypass Modular Network TAP managing the availability for single inline tools.







Inline Bypass Out-of-Band Tap ‘Breakout’ Failsafe


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