Integrated Bypass Network TAP System

1G | 1U Chassis High Availability Solution
  • INT1G8CCBP Front View
  • INT1G8SCBP Front View
  • INT1G8SCBP Back View

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Network test access points (TAPs) are hardware tools that allow you to access and monitor your network. Bypass TAPs (active TAPs) are used with in-line, active security appliances such as next generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. Garland Technology bypass TAPs are purpose-built hardware devics that let you see every bit, byte and packet.®

Bypass TAPs are used to connect a monitored network segment to an in-line active appliance and monitor the device's health. If your security device goes off-line for any reason the bypass TAP will automatically 'switch to bypass mode’ keeping your network link up while you to resolve the issue.

  • Availability (HA) solution, TAP once and connect one primary and one secondary in-line appliance and up to two out-of-band monitoring appliances.
  • Network Failsafe Technology: during failsafe in-line appliances still receive packets. Garland failsafe technology recognizes power outages and automatically closes the relay circuitry in less than eight milliseconds then reconnects the two network devices connected to ports A and B. 
  • Heartbeat Packets are sent out onto each monitoring port. If the heartbeat packets are not received from either direction, then Bypass mode takes effect. Heartbeat packets are never sent on the live network.
  • Fiber to copper media conversion.
  • Supports Link Failure Propagation(LFP) - In the event the primary network connection is lost, the fail over mechanism forces the network to backup/secondary network.
  • Supports multiple modes: tap 'breakout,' aggregation, regeneration and bypass.
  • Supports Jumbo frames and passes physical errors.
  • 100% secure and invisible; no IP address, no Mac address; cannot be hacked.
  • Made, tested and certified in the USA.
Model No. Network Speed Network Monitor
INT1G8CCBP 1G 2 Copper-RJ45 6 Copper-RJ45
INT1G8SCBP 1G 2 LX Single-mode, LC-Fiber 6 Copper-RJ45
INT1G8MCBP 1G 2 SX Multi-mode, LC-Fiber 6 Copper-RJ45
Tap 'breakout' mode Aggregation mode Regeneration/SPAN mode Bypass mode