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Darrick Kristich

Darrick Kristich is a security professional and founder of Sedara, a managed security service provider. His background primarily stems from the Aerospace & Defense markets and has expertise in technical and security architecture, as well as compliance program development and incident response. He currently resides in Buffalo, NY.
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[Get the Data You Want] Simplify PCI DSS Compliance with an MSSP

Posted by Darrick Kristich on 4/20/17 9:04 AM

For years, the financial services industry was the most targeted industry for sophisticated cyber attackers (and some not so sophisticated). This was never too surprising—attackers often follow the money, starting with the low hanging fruit.

Out of all the credit card breaches that have been made public in the last several years, not many (if any) companies were truly compliant Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance.

At the same time, being compliant also doesn’t mean that you are truly protecting the data that is important. 

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Topics: Network Infrastructure, Network Security, Network Visibility/Monitoring

Taking the Pain Out of HIPAA Compliance [Get the Data You Want]

Posted by Darrick Kristich on 3/16/17 8:56 AM

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted in 1996 to keep sensitive patient data safe. It’s security rules have been published since 2003, and yet, nearly 35% of the record-setting number of reported data breaches in 2016 happened in the healthcare industry.

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Topics: Network Security, Network Packet Brokers