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[Demo] Protecting the Core with High Speed Load Balancing

Posted by Mike Heiberger on 5/25/17 8:00 AM

I recently presented a demonstration for Palo Alto Network's Fuel User Group on the importance of implementing high speed (10G/40G/100G) load balance at the Core of the Network.

Prior to beginning the demo, we surveyed the group and asked, "What speeds are you running at the core of your network today?" The majority of the group is running at 10G, which is what I hear from our customers as well.

So while 40G and 100G are exciting to discuss, we are going to keep this demo for a 10G network circuit. 

Watch and see how simple load balancing can be at the network core.

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Taking the Pain Out of HIPAA Compliance [Get the Data You Want]

Posted by Darrick Kristich on 3/16/17 8:56 AM

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted in 1996 to keep sensitive patient data safe. It’s security rules have been published since 2003, and yet, nearly 35% of the record-setting number of reported data breaches in 2016 happened in the healthcare industry.

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The 101 Series: Filtering TAPs

Posted by George Bouchard on 3/14/17 8:00 AM

In our 101 network TAP series, we have explained the functionality of the various network TAPs that are available to gain access to the traffic that is typically found in a network. We have reviewed passive fiber TAPs, copper network TAPs, aggregation TAPs, SPAN/regeneration TAPs and the bypass TAP.  

Now we have a new 1U or 2U Chassis System that supports our filtering TAPs – which for you, means an affordable 1G Packet Broker System that can do it all in one box. 

Read on to see what filtering can do for your network…

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[Demo] Advanced Load Balancing for Multiple Active, In-line Security Tools

Posted by Chris Bihary on 10/20/16 8:08 AM

What do you do when you have low utilization and are not ready to invest in a 10G NextGen Firewall? 

The key to adapting to a 10G shift on a limited budget is to make the most of your current appliances by implementing advanced load balancing.

Learn how to save budget while meeting bandwidth demands in this short 5 minute video.

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Load Balancing at the Edge – Saves Budget While Keeping Up with Network Speed

Posted by Chris Bihary on 8/25/16 8:00 AM

Every security architect is facing the same problem today—pack more in-line security appliances into the stack on a limited budget.

However, the challenge goes deeper than simply adding DDoS protection to your existing intrusion prevention system (IPS).

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One Link, Multiple In-Line Security Appliances—What Can Security Architects Do?

Posted by Chris Bihary on 8/4/16 8:00 AM

The days when firewalls alone could defend corporate networks are long gone. 

Today, security architects are realizing that the most productive way to protect enterprise networks is to deploy active, in-line security appliances at the edge of the network for active blocking.

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