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As the Senior Technology Consultant & Chief Editor at LoveMyTool, Tim O’Neill has over 45 years of technology experience at data/voice and video networking analysis companies, including successful senior roles in Sales, Product Design, Marketing Management, Business Development and Security.

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Traveling this Summer? Don't Let Your Data Get Checked Out

Posted by Tim O'Neill on 5/23/17 8:00 AM

You probably really never think too much about it. You are on a trip and check into your hotel. After you get settled, you want to check your Facebook, email, Instagram and Twitter accounts. So, you will do what you have been doing every other time you check into a hotel, you click on the wifi that is given you to.

But, have you really ever thought about the information you are giving out over the web?

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Topics: Network Security, Hacks and Data Breaches

Bad Bots, Bad Bots - They're Coming For You

Posted by Tim O'Neill on 5/11/17 8:00 AM

So, whatcha going to do when Bad Bots come for you?

According to a recent report by
Distil Networks, Inc.,the global leader in bot detection and migration, it seems like almost every website that has a login page has bad bots. Bad bots are the automated programs used by hackers, fraudsters and competitors to carry out a variety of activities.

To keep up on all the bad bot activity, Distil released its fourth bad bot report entitled “The 2017 Bad Bot report: If you Build it, They Will Come.” It is the most in-depth analysis on the levels of 2016’s bot activity.

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Topics: Network Security, Hacks and Data Breaches

Espionage Barbie? Tech Toys Bring Whole New Meaning to Youth Privacy

Posted by Tim O'Neill on 3/30/17 8:00 AM

Technology has created a never-ending battle between security and privacy. We want technology to make our lives as convenient as possible. And for the most part, we’re willing to give up a bit of privacy to make it possible.

We use Facebook. We let our Amazon Echo listen just in case we need something. We give Google a detailed record of our location data. People want privacy but not if it comes at the expense of innovation.

But what about when it comes to our kids?

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Topics: Hacks and Data Breaches

2016 Security Breaches: The Reality from the Predictions

Posted by Tim O'Neill on 2/23/17 8:00 AM

At the beginning of 2016, I warned of key security threats that the world would face in the coming year.

As I look back at those predictions, I realize that there are still critical insights to be gained from the numerous attacks that occurred last year.

Read on to gather the lessons learned. 



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Topics: Network Security, Hacks and Data Breaches

Top 7 Security Predictions for 2017

Posted by Tim O'Neill on 2/2/17 8:00 AM

As a network TAP provider, Garland anchor's security solutions for so many organizations across all public and private sectors. I like to think that working with IT’s top security professionals has given Garland and myself unique insight into the evolving threats and technical issues that can impact IT security strategies. In this post, I’d like to share some of the key trends that InfoSec will have to address in 2017 and beyond.

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Topics: Network Security, Hacks and Data Breaches, Network Visibility/Monitoring, Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Russian Hackers Eyeing Germany’s Election—Lessons Learned from America’s Struggles

Posted by Tim O'Neill on 1/19/17 8:00 AM

No matter which side you stand on, we can all agree that 2016 was an unusually crazy election year. Aside from the actual politics, this was the first time we spent all year talking about election hacking.

But we can’t just relax now that the election is over. Russian election hacking is only just starting!

After successfully disrupting the U.S. election, Russian hackers are setting their sights on Germany’s 2017 election. There’s still time for Europe to learn from America’s cybersecurity struggles.

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Topics: Network Security, Hacks and Data Breaches, Network Visibility/Monitoring