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Detect The 5 Common Threats Of Network Downtime

Network downtime is a costly reality of running a business, and unfortunately, it’s more likely to happen to you than not. If Google, Amazon and the United States Government have dealt with such issues, it’s a safe bet that you’re going to run into them as well.
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How to Connect your Inline Application Monitoring Tools in 5 Steps

It goes without saying, but proper application monitoring is a critical component of sound network management. Let the following example show you:
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Fiber Optical Networking

Greater Data Speeds but New Challenges to Consider As we begin seeing much higher bandwidth speeds for data communications using fiber optical connections and enter into the non-linear world of photonic communications, many things will change from understanding the basic physics of non-linear photonic communications to the increased need for better plant build-outs, an understanding of optical budgets (referencing signal to noise requirements), maintenance, and a much higher requirement for documentation and record keeping.
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When QUIC isn't so Quick

on 8/15/17 8:00 AM By | Tony Fortunato | 0 Comments | Network Management
In the beginning, SPDY, an open networking protocol developed primarily at Google for transporting web content was supported on Internet Explorer and Chrome web browsers through a default setting.  The core developers of SPDY were involved in the development of HTTP/2. Back in February 2015, Google announced that as a result of the final ratification of the HTTP/2 standard, support for SPDY would be deprecated, and that support for SPDY was withdrawn completely in 2016. Let me show you how to disable SPDY in Internet Explorer and QUIC in Chrome.
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Overcoming 100G Bandwidth Demands in Network Monitoring

100G networks are no longer the future talk for many data center, telco and enterprise network architects. The 100G future is here - our consumption of everything video - including YouTube, Facebook Live, Netflix and Amazon Video will continue to drive this demand to beyond 100G. But for today, how do you handle monitoring at 100G speeds? Is there a scalable way to address increased traffic volume that still accommodates monitoring tools at 10G?
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[Demo] Deploying an Active, In-line Security Tool

on 7/18/17 8:00 AM By | Mike Heiberger | 0 Comments | Network TAPs Network Management
In our recent Fuel User Group Webinar, Protecting the Core, we gave a demonstration on the ease of deployment and benefits of using a bypass network TAP with an active, inline device. With a click of a mouse, you can very simply bypass the device, without taking down the network or losing data. Why would you want to bypass your device and what are the benefits? Watch our 5 minute demonstration video to learn more.
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